Fundamentals of Aero-Engines

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

This book gives beginner a clear understanding on historical background and constructional details of piston engines, about their sub-systems such as typical induction system, supercharging system, cooling system, exhaust system, lubrication system and fuel system including the aircraft fuel system, carburetors and fuel system, carburetors and fuel injection system, ignition system, starting, stopping and various operating procedures, details of various inspections and overhaul procedures, etc. to keep the engine airworthy.

It is prepared in a simple language for the guidance and easy understanding of a beginner and for the students pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical. It is designed in accordance with the syllabus approved by AICTE.

This book is designed in a simple and realistic way with examples and cases whereby the readers would get a clear understanding and exposure on condtructional, operational and essential inspections as well as maintenance details of an internal combustion engine,



1. Aero-engine
2. Section - I : Heat Engines
Section - II : Combustion Process of SI Engine
3. Engine Design and Claddications
4. Function of Major Components, Costructional Details- Principales and Materials Used
5. Section - I : Power Plant and its Associated Systems
Section - II : Lubrication System
Section - III : Fuel System
Section - IV : Carburettors
Section - V : Fuel Injection System
Section - VI : Ignition System
Section - VII : Spark Plugs
Section - VIII : Auxiliary Ignition Devices
6. Starting, Stopping and Various Operations
7. Propellers
8. Inspection and Maintenance

About The Author

A. Viswanathakurup´╗┐ -

<p align="justify">Prof. Sqn Ldr (Retd.) A. Viswanathakurup, a retired senior Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineer of Indian  Air Force, have over four decades of professional experience on various capacities, viz., First, Second, Third and Fourth line servicing including major overhauling and testing of various Aero-engines, Aircraft and Aero-engine components and accessories and also as a faculty in various training institutions in training and developing engineers, technicians and pilots of various streams. He has also served in Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode for a period of two years.</p>
<p align="justify">Since july, 2010, he is working as a professor in Department of Aeronautical Engineering, in Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Maintenance and repair of Various Aero-Engines, Maintenance of Helicopters, Defect Investigations and Troubleshooting. He has also co-authored a book on principles of Management.</p>´╗┐

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