Mathematics For JEE (Main)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

The new directives undertaken by Government of India from the HRD Ministry, resulted in huge changes in all the Engineering Entrance Examinations. Previously known as AIEEE and IIT-JEE, IIIT conducted separately has now been merged into one examination and held in 2 phases: JEE MAINS and ADVANCED.

JEE MAINS, the like for like replacement of AIEEE, is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. It has the Same syllabus and pattern as AIEEE.

The scores in this examination will be used for admissions into NITs and IITs. Maharashtra State Government has also stated that score in this examination (along with 50% weightage to state Board exam) will be used for admissions into all the State Government and Private Engineering Colleges of Maharashtra.



1.Complex Number
2. Equations and Inequalities
3. Sequences and Series
4. Permutations and Combinations
5. Binomial Theorem
6. Set, Relation and Function
7. Matrices and Determinants
8. Trigonometric Rations and Identities
9. Trigonometric Equations and Inequalities
10. Solutions of Triangles
11. Heights and Distances
12. Inverse Trigonometry
13. Limits and Continuity
14. Differentiability and differentiation
15. Application of derivatives
16. Indefinite integrals
17. Definite integration
18. Area under curves
19. Differential equations
20. Cartesian co-ordinate system and straight lines
21. Circles
22. Parabola
23. Ellipse
24. Hyperbola
25. Vector algebra
26. Three dimensional geometry
27. Probability
28. Statistics theory
29. Mathematical logic
30. Assertion

About The Author

Ajinkya Saraf -

B.E. Electronics and Communication,

Director of IIT-JEE Coaching Institute `Ajinkya Tutorials` Private Ltd.

Specialised in teaching Entrance mathematics

Mrs. Sushma K. Saraf -

M.Sc.(Mathematics), B.Ed.

Lecturer Incharge, Mathematics Dept.,

Dharampeth Science College, Nagpur(M.S.)

Teaching experience of 23 years.

Has authored sanctioned text book of Maharashtra State Board.

Also authored a book on MHT-CET Mathematics.

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