LMR - Physics

ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-517-5

Student Price : Rs.300

Student Dollar Price : 12$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2014

No. Of Pages : 463

About The Book

The book LMR – Physics has been prepared according to the latest pattern of JEE-Main examination, in which MCQ’s pattern is used.

Main Features of the book are :

. Adequate theory in point wise manner is given in the beginning of every chapter.

. The point wise theory of each chapter enable the students to make the revision faster.

. Selected questions of higher difficulty level are added to induce thinking ability among the students.

. Solutions of each and every questions serve as concept connector; students get a first hand demonstration to apply concepts.

. Special care has been taken to cover all the chapters of the JEE – Main syllabus while framing the questions.

. The book is also useful for JEE – Main, AIIMS, MH-CET (PMT), AFMC, MGIMS – PMT, DCE, JEE (Orissa), VITEE and other competitive examinations.



1.Unit and dimension
2. Motion in one dimension
3. Motion in two and three dimension
4. Newton's Laws of motion and friction
5. Rotatory motion
6. Work, Power and energy
7. Gravitation
8. Elasticity
9. Surface tension, viscosity and fluid flow
10. Simple harmonic motion
11. Wave motion
12. Wave Optics
13. Relfection of light and refraction of light
14. Optical instruments
15. Kinetic theory of gases
16. Thermometry, thermal expansion and calorimetry
17. Transmission of heat
18. Termodynamics
19. Electrostatics
20. Current electricity
21. Heating, chemical and thermo-electric effect of current
22. Magnetic effect of current
23. Magnetism
24. Electro magnetic induction
25. Alternating current
26. Electron, photon photo-electric effect and x-rays
27. Solids and semi-conductor devices

About The Author

Wilson Sharma

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