Basics Of Marketing (Telangana Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

Indian marketers today are excited and are facing challenges because of technology intensive, hyper competitive global business environment prevailing in the country. Their challenge is to take sound marketing decision in a complex environment. The student community who are interested in marketing career will also face the same challenges. These may be in a more complex situation, as it taken time for them to enter into career. This title “Basics of Marketing” provides them an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges.

Our customers are our readers, keeping this in mind and to add value to existing fund of knowledge in the students friends, we have taken this risk to write the subject lucidly, comprehensively and meaningfully, using out intellectual capital to enhance the intellectual capacities of our readers.

Though this basic work on theories, concepts and principles of marketing, students are promote in this work to assume the role of marketing executives. Graded questions are also given at the end of each unit for self-study and better understanding of the theme of this title. Suggestion to improve the quality of work is Welcome.



1. Introduction of Marketing
2. Market Segmentation, Target Market and Product Positioning
3. New Product Development
4. Product and Pricing Decisions
5. Promotion Mix

About The Author

Dr. H.Srinivasa Rao -

M.Com, Ph.D

Reader in Commerce,

Badruka College of Commerce, Hyderabad.

Dr. K. Someshwar Rao -


Badrula College of commerce and Arts, Kachiguda, Hyderabad

Kanhaiva Laloka -, MBA

Lecturer in commerce,

st. Marys Degree College, Hyderabad. 

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