Fundamentals of Higher Education - Fresh Vision

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 304

About The Book

With more books on education especially higher education for policy makers to have time to read and few professional incentives to do so, it seems prudent to ask: why do we need yet another book on higher education? It may seem that authors lack some objectivity when it comes to answering the question, but to me there are whys and wherefores in support of this particular book. I believe they justify this book, specifically as it explores fundamentals of higher education with a fresh vision. True, finally, the education community has discovered that higher education is more than teaching. It is more about learning process, student development, faculty development, research process, academic leadership and knowledge management. Therefore, the need for resources those further cultivate and capitalize on that interest.

'Fundamentals of Higher Education – Fresh Vision' in a simple and lucid manner thus deals with how the different facets of higher education nonetheless fundamentals, provides a fresh vision. It is an imperative need to see higher education in a holistic and integrated manner. This only will facilitate better learning, lifelong learning for sustainable knowledge society. The book is primarily divided in two parts. After first chapter, overview of higher education, Part A focuses on the core functions or expectations of higher education and deals with teaching-learning process, student development, faculty development, research process and academic leadership. Part B focuses on the contemporary issues and deals with lifelong learning, technology in higher education, knowledge management, innovations in education and quality assurance. A few distinctions about this book are worth noting. First, this book is about fundamentals of higher education not education per se. Second it is about fresh vision on fundamentals. Some may associate that with being about education per se and use the terms 'education' and 'higher education' interchangeably. But then, surely there is clear and significant distinction between ‘education’ and ‘higher education’ and 'old vision' vs. 'fresh vision'.


Contents -

1. Overview of Higher Education
2. Teaching-Learning Process
3. Student Development
4. Research Process
5. Faculty Development
6. Academic Leadership
7. Lifelong Learning
8. Technology in Higher Education
9. Knowledge Management
10. Innovations in Higher Education
11. Quality Assurance in Higher Education
12. Future Trends in Higher Education
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About The Author

Neeta Baporikar is currently Director / Professor (Business Management) at Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP-GSB), Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia. Prior to this, she was Head - Scientific Research, with Ministry of Higher Education CAS-Salalah, Sultanate of Oman, Professor (Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship) at IIIT Pune and BITS India. With more than a decade of experience in industry, consultancy and training, she made a lateral switch to research and academics in 1995. Dr. Baporikar holds D.Sc. (Management Studies) USA, Ph.D. in Management, University of Pune, India with MBA (Distinction) and Law (Hons.) degrees. Apart from this, she is also an External Reviewer, Oman Academic Accreditation Authority, Accredited Management Teacher, Qualified Trainer, Doctoral Guide and Board Member of Academics and Advisory Committee in accredited B-Schools in India and abroad. Reviewer for international journals, she has to her credit five conferred doctorates, several refereed research papers, and authored books in the area of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Management and Higher Education.

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