Programming in C++ (Telangana Univ)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 306

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About The Book

CPP is an Object Oriented Language and it an extension of C Language. It is a flexible and powerful language. This book is for all the programmers who wish to know about the language in depth.

This book is designed for all degree students under various universities of India. Its main objective is to create awareness about programming and OOPs concepts to the students. We tried to discuss about everything that related to Objected Oriented Programming.

We also tried to place object oriented capabilities such as data abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. Also we explained all the procedure oriented concepts in the first few chapters. Concepts are explained through diagrams so that readers can understand in a better way.


Contents -

Unit - I

1. Program Development with C++
2. Control Structures of C++
3. Arrays, Strings and Pointers
4. Functions
5. Object Oriented Programming

Unit - II

6. Classes and Objects
7. Overloading

Unit - III

8. Inheritance
9. Polymorphism and Data Abstraction
10. Streams

Unit - IV

11. Exception Handling
12. Template
Multiple Choice Questions
Lab Programs

About The Author

Sandeep Agarwalla had completed BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) from Burdwan University (West Bengal) and MCA (Masters in Computer Application) from WBUT (West Bengal) in the year 2006. He came to Hyderabad and started his career in teaching field. He worked as Assistant Professor in MCA department for Aurora PG College and St. Johns PG College. He had completed M.Tech. (CSE) from JNTU, Hyderabad. Presently, he is working as a faculty, Department of Computer Science, Indian Institute of Management and Commerce, Hyderabad. He is a Co-author for Information Technology and Programming in C for B.Com. and BBA books published by Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Priyanka Roy had completed MCA from WBUT in the year 2006. She started her carrier as Assistant Professor in Aurora PG College, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. She had completed her M.Tech. (CSE) from JNTU, Hyderabad. Presently, she is working as Assistant Professor, Aliens Degree College, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, and her technical skills and strong acknowledge in applications in C, and C++ MS DOS,and OOPS.

A.Anitha, completed her M.Tech and M.Sc. (Comp Sc.) and having working experience having more than 10 years and her expertise in developing applications using JAVA. Java server pages, EJB and strong knowledge in OOPS, and her technical skills:- languages: C&C++, PL/SQL, JAVA, JAVA script, and OS MS-DOS, Windows GUI Applets VB.6.0, RDBMS: Oracle, MS-Access, Technologies ODBC JDBC, RMI and EJB.

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