Database Management System

ISBN Number : 978-93-5024-748-8

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 318

About The Book

The primary objective of “Database Management System” is to provide materials that not only introduce the student to the field of computer science but also acquaint the student with specific issues related with Information Technology industry, I wrote this book in recognition of the ever-growing importance of information and the unique challenges faced information Technology Industry. In order to remain ahead of others competitors, Industries are taking the advantage of information. Industry, Banking Sector, Phasma Industry, Education sector, Automobile Industry etc. This is an era of Information, the entire world is globalised and it has become global village and single society just after the revolution of IT that lead to easy access of Information.

This book introduced the basic concept needed for designing, using and implementing Database systems and applications (along with its practical applications). The object of this book is to provide as much as technical detail as possible specially to the beginners who would like to learn Database for the database management courses of masters degree as reference.

Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Data Modeling Using the Entity Relationship Model
3. Relational Data Model and Language
4. Introduction to SQL
5. Database Design and Normalization
6. Transaction Processing Concepts
7. Concurrency Control Techniques
8. Data Mining and Data Warehousing

About The Author

 Nirupma Pathak, HOD, Department of Computer Application, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College of Management (LBSGCM), Lucknow, has done her B.Tech. (CS & Engg.) and then M.Tech. (CS & Engg.) from U.P. Technical University. She has specialized in Database Management System, Relational Database Management System, Software Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning.    

Her area of resource work is Software Engineering Models. She has published 15 research papers in national  (conference / seminar / journal) and presented 11 papers in national (conference / seminar). She has published already three text books –   

Database Management System, Himalaya Publishing House, ISBN No : 978-81-8488- 138-7, First Edition 2008,                

Relational Database Management System, Himalaya Publishing House, ISBN No: 978-93-5024-617-7, First Edition 2010, New Delhi,   

Computer Application in Management, Himalaya Publishing House, ISBN No. 978-93-5024-264-3, First Edition 2010, New Delhi.    

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