Human Resources Management Manual

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

In a recent HARBARD Business Review article, the Chairman of Unilever observed: “The most important aspect of management is not solving problems, but managing people”. Human resource management is the core of management. The most successful organizations as well as nations around the world have realized that people are the greatest asset of an organization as well as nations.

The HRM manual of the HM Group presents a simple, systematic and concise core system that every organization can adapt to its particular and unique situation and implement it. It presents the philosophy of the organization, various, policies, objectives procedures and programmes and the responsibilities of various individuals in the organization initiating, implementing and approving authorities and the work flow and the deadlines and target dates in the organization.

The manual helps managements of organizations to successfully and effectively operate human resources management systems, policies and procedures and to take care of the most important asset of the organization- the people. It provides the basic operational manual, and framework and guidelines to manage the human side of the enterprise, neatively, systematically and professionally for the benefit of the people organizations, nations and the worked. I wish you all great fun and enterprise in implementing this operations manual and if you run into problems, we are here to assist you.


1. H.M. Philosophy
2. Human Resource Policy
3. Human Resource Strategy
4. Manpower planning
5. Employment, Selection & Induction
6. Training, Development & Education
7. Organisation Design & structure
8. Performance Appraisal System
9. Change of Status, Promotion, Transfers & Separation
10. Compensation, Wages & Salary Administration
11. employee Welfare (Benefits & Services)
12. Employee Relations
13. employee Discipline
14. Human resource Information System

About The Author

M.N. Rudrabasavaraj´╗┐ -

President and Executive Director of MNR Associates Pvt. Ltd., a firm of international management consultants, headquartered in Singapore but with operations exetended to countries like Singapore, Japan, India, Indonesia, USA, UK, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Canada, Fiji, Middle East, etc. Consultancy assignments cover advising and assisting clients in improving management, human resources management, human resource development, professionalisation, management philosophy, leadership, future professional management development, organisation design, development and structuring, total productivity improvement, customer first management, career development and management succession, quality of management, people and services, corporate planning and expansion and undertaking various studies-corporate, national, regional and global-on industries, markets, consumers, employees and developing models, manuals, systems, policies, procedures and organisation cultures.

Very much married, with a son, who is schooling and interested in all good things in life. Currently engaged in developing and implementing Global Human Growth Model dedicated to providing the three fundamental Es-(1) education for all, (2) employment for all, (3) energising all people to realise their maximum potentialities and assisting and advising Governments and Global Agencies in Human Growth and changing the world for better.

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