Integrated Humanism

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

His Marathi book Manavaikatmata:(-) was published in April, 1993. This book was awarded the coveted Centenary Prize of the Maharashtra Granthotejak Sabha, Pune in Nov. 1995. “Integrated Humanism” is the translation of ‘Manavaikatmata.’

Shree S.T. Godbole had detached himself four material life many years ago last few years of his life many years ago thought of was about spreading the ‘Thought’ he had propagated in his book “Manavaikatmata”-“Integrated Humanism.” He delivered a series of lectures at Savarker Smarak, Shivaji Park, Mumbai: arranged workshops wrote many articles in news papers and, magazines as a part of this endeavor till he breathed his last on Dec. 18, 1996.

Six GLORIOUS Epochs of Indian HISTORY WAS FIRST Published in 1972. Currently under printer.

Gandhi Assassination and after was published in the book have been already sold.



1. Raison d ’Etre: Prologue
2. Unbroken Tradition of Universal Discontent and Search for God
3. Changing Pattern of the western Society 1
4. Changing Pattern of the western Society 2.
5. Political Repercussions of the Industrial Revolution
6. Ancient Indian Experiment in Social Reconstruction
7. Present-day Distorted Form of Chaturvarnya: Why and How?
8. Blindfolded Toilers and Moilers and Unknown Master’s Unscrupulous Grip
9. Deceptive Department of Democracy
10. Fundamentals of World Peace
11. Overall Reorganization of the Total Concept of Education
12. Radical Change in the Concept of Educational Administration
13. How and Where to Begin?

About The Author

S.T.Godbole, Born on the 22nd of September 1913, Shree S.T. Godbole, the Translator and Editor of Swa.V.D. Savarkar’s Marathi book lost both of his parents before he was hardly seven years old. Reared up thereafter by his uncle, whose sole support he lost before he was matriculated in 1931, he became the first graduate of his big family of uncles and aunt, and sisters, prosecuting his high education on his own in penuary, having been cheated of his patrimony by his cousins, and in spite of the stiff opposition of his so called nearest and dearest. He got his M.A. and B.T. degrees and took up teaching as his vocation. He retired in September, 1971 as the Principal of Sir Elly Kadoorie High School, Bombay, at the completion of his 58th year.
He has been giving public speeches and writing articles in newspapers and magazines on literary, historical and educational topics. Years ago he had delivered a lecture on ‘the Development of ‘from’ in the Marathi Drama” at “The 30th Bharat Natya Sammelan” held at Nagpur in January, 1939. He was the Hon. Secretary of “Maharashtra Natya Sammelan during the years 1940-42.
He has translated into English Shree Gopal Gode’s book in Marathi,--- which Shree Gopal Godse has not yet been recently written a historical play in Marathi, called------on the politico-religious revolution by a Slave-Emperor, Khusrukhan, at Delhi in 1320, which is on its way to the Marathi Stage.
Shree Godbole had been the Convenor of a full-day Seminar on “Dharma and Education’ held in December, 1974 under the auspices of “Vishva Hindu Dharma Sammelan”.
Shree S.T.Godbole has been honoured for his literary work at “The Mumbai Mahanagar Sahitya Sammelan” held at Borivali, Bombay-92, in February, 1984.

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