Advanced Financial Management

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Advanced financial management is a topic of prime importance as it plays a pivotal role in the current financial scenario that exists global as well as in Indian business and financial sector. A strong understanding about the various aspects of economy is definitely the need of the hour. This knowledge of finance is a requirement, not only for managing big business houses but also for building up a profound and attractive career in this field or even for the management of finances as a layman. Therefore as casual as we may thick of its study, financial management helps us in our investment decisions, career options, cross border business ventures, global educational option etc; all of which that plays a central role in our lives. The chapters in this book are designed in such a way that they provide a broad perspective of the subject. The topics also help in developing the analytical approach in finance, as financial decision making by a country or an individual depends heftily on a sound knowledge of advanced financial management.

This book aims to provide a deep insight into the various aspects of how to efficiently manage financial responsibilities, by providing an uncomplicated descriptive approach, helping in the easy understanding of financial principles and their applications. Each chapter is written with the Post Graduate students in mind, as they enter the field of Advanced Financial Management with little or no understanding of the various terminologies and applications of the subject. Another obvious advantage of this book is the inclusion of probable questions from the various chapters, which we are sure, will be a great help to the students of this subject.

We are grateful to all the authors who walked ahead of us in this path before us, whose guidance provided us with knowledge and ideas for our researches in this field. We sincerely hope this book will provide a helping hand to the teaching fraternity in guiding and preparing the students towards a bright and illustrious career in the field of fiancé. We genuinely thank all our users and request each one you to send us your valuable feedbacks regarding the book for the further improvement and perfection.



1. Introduction to Financing Decision
2. Investment Decisions
3. Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
4. Corporate Restructuring
5. Derivatives for Managing Financial Risk

About The Author

Dr. M. Muniraju presently working as Reader in Commerce in Bangalore University. He marched stupendously from a remote village Nesenoor of Anekal Taluk to the mainstream with a sole aim of achieving a niche in academic arena. As a young professor, he worked strenuously towards this book with his rich knowledge and experience. He has participated in several international, national and state level conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops and presented research papers. He has been acting as BOS and BOAE member for various universities in India. He has been actively guiding students for Ph.D., M.Phil, M.T.A, M.F.A, M.I.B and other PG programmes. As a emerging writer, he is gaining experties in Commerce, Management and Spiritual domain. He has over two decades of teaching experience. He is the treasurer of Bangalore University Teachers Council.


Dr. S. Harish Babu -

MBA, M.Com, M.Phil., Ph.D.


Nagarjuna Degree College, Bengaluru.

Dr. Venkataraman R. -

M.C.S., M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Professor, Centre for Management Studies,

Presidency College,

Bengaluru - 92.

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