Programming With C (Telangana Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5273-381-1

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 208

Book Weight :284

About The Book

This book titled "Programming with C" has been written for all who want to know about fundamentals of C language. It covers topic, such as foundation of introduction to programming concepts, overview of C language, managing input and output operation, decision making, branching and looping, functions, arrays, strings, structuresand files etc. The book presents the material with clarity and conciseness to enable students to read and study with diagram. Review questions at the end of unit should be useful for both students and teachers.

We wish, this book will be of immerse value to the student who have interest in IT applications. It has also handy for facilitators of the course, corporate and others interested in this subject.



1. Introduction to C Language, Data Types & I/O Operations
2. Operatiors, Expressions and Decision Making
3. Arrays and Strings
4. Built-in Functions & User-defined Functions
5. Structures and Pointers

About The Author

Kamlesh Mittal -


Principal, St. Francis Xavier Degree College,

Kachiguda, Hyderabad.

Garima Agrawal -
Faculty, Dept. of Commerce,
Vijaynagar College of Commerce,
Vijaynagar Colony, Hyderabad

A.Anitha, completed her M.Tech and M.Sc. (Comp Sc.) and having working experience having more than 10 years and her expertise in developing applications using JAVA. Java server pages, EJB and strong knowledge in OOPS, and her technical skills:- languages: C&C++, PL/SQL, JAVA, JAVA script, and OS MS-DOS, Windows GUI Applets VB.6.0, RDBMS: Oracle, MS-Access, Technologies ODBC JDBC, RMI and EJB.

A. Sandhya -

M.Sc (Com. Sc.)Faculty,

Department of Computer Science,

Annie Beasant Degree College for Women,

Gaddiannaram, Dilsukhanagar, Hyderabad.

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