Diagnostic Bacterial Genomics

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 206

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About The Book

This text book provides a comprehensive coverage of the Diagnostic Bacterial Genomics with detailed discussion on Pathogenic Islands, Genotyping and nature of Markers in Diagnostic Bacteriology, Bacterial Genome Projects (BGPs), MDR Bacteria Genome Editing (GE), Horizontal Gene Transfer (hgt), Codon Bias and GC Skew.

The book caters to the need of a wide array of audience engaged in conducting advance research and teaching in the field of Medical Microbiology in leading research and teaching institutes including University Departments, Medical College and Hospitals, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, specialised Research Institutes like the Indian Council of Medical Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratories and Regional Research Laboratories and similar institutions across countries.

This book is unique as it fulfils the gap of non availability of a comprehensive book of the kind that virtually discusses all the advance techniques of Medical Microbiology in a single go.

Students of Post Graduate level and of M.Phil. and Ph.D., B.Pharma, and M.Pharma, will find this book extremely useful.

Key Features -
- Systematic and comprehensive analysis of the concept and applications of Bacterial Genomics of medical importance.
- Pictorial presentations of the mechanism of actions used in bacterial genomics.
- Lucid language for effective comprehension of the idea and techniques.
- Indication for practical application.


Contents -

1. Pathogenicity - Islands (PAI)
2. Genotyping and Molecular Markers in Diagnostic Bacteriology
3. Bacterial Genome Projects (BGP)
4. MDR Bacteria Genome Editing
5. Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT)
6. Codon Bias and GC Skew

About The Author

Dr. Smaranika Pattnaik -

Faculty (Biotechnology),

School of Life Sciences,

Sambalpur University, Jyotivihar,

Sambalpur, Odisha.

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