JEE Main and Advanced Physics (Vol I & II)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5273-346-0

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2020

No. Of Pages : 1324

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About The Book

This resource book for JEE Main and Advanced is based on the present pattern of JEE and covers the complete syllabus in 23 chapters. Each chapter has relevant theory with good number of solved examples followed by MCQs (only one choice correct, one or more than one choice correct), Assertion and Reason, MCQs based on passage, Matrix-Match Questions, Integer Type Questions with complete solutions based on the pattern of JEE Main and Advanced question papers.

Salient Features -
- Confirms to the pattern and present syllabus of the JEE Main and Advanced.
- Uses the right mix of pedagogy to help students go through and comprehend complex concepts easily.
- Plenty of solved examples in each chapter.
- Fully solved MCQs (only one choice correct, one of more than one choice correct, based on passage), Assertion and Reason, Matrix-match questions, Integer type questions based on the pattern of JEE.
- Two practice papers (one each for JEE Main and Advanced) with complete solutions.
- Previous years JEE papers are fully solved at appropriate places.
- JEE Main 2017 and JEE Advanced 2017 Examination Papers are solved and added at the end.


Contents -

1. System of Units and Dimensions
2. Vectors
3. Kinematics : Motion in One and Two Dimensions
4. Laws of Motion and Work, Power and Energy
5. Centre of Mass and Rotational Motion
6. Gravitation
7. Simple Harmonic Motion
8. Properties of Matter
9. Fluid Mechanics
10. Waves and Doppler Effect
11. Heat and Thermodynamics
12. Kinetic Theory of Gases
13. Transmission of Heat
14. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
15. Wave Optics
16. Electrostatics
17. Current Electricity
18. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
19. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
20. Modern Physics
21. Semiconductors
22. Communication Systems
23. Electromagnetic Waves
Model Test Paper
JEE Main Exam 2017
JEE Advanced Exam 2017

About The Author

Prof. S.L. Kakani, M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D., Former Executive Director, ITM, Bhilwara (India) is an internationally renowned physicist and has a distinguished career spanning more than four decades of teaching, research and administration. He has authored a large number of research papers in the fields of Superconductivity, Condensed Matter, Nanomaterials and Material Science published in international journals of repute. He is author and co-author of several standard works. His two books have been published by Nova Science, New York, 04 books by Anshan Ltd., U.K. and 02 books by Lap Lambert, Academic Publishing Germany and 12 books by New Age (London, New Delhi).

Prof. Kakani served as Chairman, Research Board and BOS, M.D.S. University, Ajmer (India). He is a Visiting Professor at several prestigious institutions. He has received several prestigious national international awards and honours for his outstanding academic achievements and contributions.

Dr. C. Hemrajani , M.Sc. (Phys), Ph.D., Former Head, Physics Department (Retd.), MLV Govt. College, Bhilwara. He has put 36 years of service while teaching the subject right from undergraduate to PG level. Presently, he is guiding IIT, PET, and PMT students. He is coauthor of several standard UG and PG text books.

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