Personality Development and Communication Skills(Telangana Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The world has become copetitive. The sucess of individuals, whether it is in business or in other fields, dependss entirely on their ability to display intelligence, positive attitudes, and smartness in adapting to changing environment. In view of this, we see mushroom growth of personality and soft skills development programmes in colleges and training centres. Also, a good mumber of books and training manuals are generated to inspire and educate students in this field of significance. The present book is an attempt in this direction and it is tailormade to the syllabus of Bachelor of Business administration of Osmania University, Hyderabad.

The book is divided into two units, with focus on two different kind of skills. Unit I is developed to refresh knowledge of basic English. It has focused on grammar 9tenses and reported speech) and skills of writing paragraph, notes, summaries, and business letters. Also, it has presented guidelines to improve interpersonal and speaking skills. Unit II is designed to discuss the ways of acquiring soft skills for personality development. It has chapters on body language, goal setting, time management, emotional intelligence and team work. In all , there are 16 chapters.

The book aims at combining theory with practice. Each chapter begins with learning objectives to provide focused reading of the subject matter. It ends with summaries for quick comprehension and recapitulation of the detailed reading. Then there are short and long answer questions to test the understanding, fill in the blanks and multiple chice questions to recall the key concepts and ideas and case study to challenge the conceptual and decision -making skills.

The book has copiled the relevant examples and cases from different sources. There is good scope to consult different wrbsites which have rich material readily available for improving comprehesion as well as testing skills. We hope students will take advantage of them.



Unit I : Basics of English

1. Tenses
2. Reported Speech
3. Acquiring Communication Skills
4. Interpersonal Skills
5. Speaking Skills and Short Speeches
6. Group Discussion
7. Writing Skills and Editing
8. Paragraph, Summary and Note Making
9. Business Letters

Unit I : Acquiring the Soft Skills for Personality Development

10. Soft Skills for Personality Development
11. Body Language
12. goal Setting
13. Time Mangement
14. Emotional Intelligence
15. Problem Solving
16. Team Work

About The Author

Dr. C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu is a retired Professor and Head of the Department of Management at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati (AP). He has about 38 years of teaching, research and training experience. He guided several research students and published research papers in national and international journals. He played a key role in organising entrepreneurship development programmes and soft skills training. He co-authord with Dr. Lalitha Ramakrishnan about 12 textbooks.

Dr. Lalitha Ramakrishnan is currently I/C of Pondicherry University Community College, Puducherry and Professor, Department of Management, P. U. Karaikal Campus, Karaikal. She has more than 30 years of research, teaching and training experience. She was the recipient of the Andhra Pradesh State Governments Best Teacher Award in the year 2007. She undertook research projects sponsored by UGC and ICSSR, and Published Papers in both national and international journals. She has organised online webinars and faculty development programmes. She has authored study materials for universities, and co-authored with Dr. C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu about 12 textbooks in the area of management.

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