You The Leader

ISBN Number : 978-93-5273-501-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 164

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About The Book

Becoming "The Leader" constitutes the overall making of a human being who evolves and rises on a higher level of thought which is then followed by dynamic actions. The leader then begins to identify his purpose which is linked with inner commitment and a sense of ownership.

The book "YOU - The Leader" gives deep insights into the process of becoming a modern leader. It will throw light on the genesis of leadership thought which gets crystalized into vision. Communicating the vision is an art that every leader should master so that he or she is able to make ordinary human beings perform extraordinarily.

The book also throws light on the fundamentals of leadership based on four specific areas namely :

1. The Mental Makeup of the leader where he is able to formulate the Vision Path and the intent of being in business

2. The second area is the Strategy that he adopts to compete or collaborate. This is woven with a purpose of sustaining and showing the results and bringing in the profits

3. The third area is the Plan for immediate and long-term action. This is to make the enterprise agile to understand trends and take dynamic decisions

4. Finally, it is the Energy of the Enterprise that propels it further. How does the Leader enhance the energy factor especially where the Brand is concerned, is of paramount importance.

Balancing the above four elements is the Master Role of the New Age Leader. The book will make you think and rethink on your business journey. There are anecdotes which act as shelter zones where one can pause, reflect and dream big.


Contents -

1. Birth of the CEO
2. Understanding Leadership
3. The Making of a Leader
4. Need Based Leadership
5. Leadership and the Learning Organizations
6. Leadership being Sensitive
7. Leadership and the Process of Change
8. Entrepreneur Leadership in the Global Age
9. Leadership - A Call for Extraordinary Management
10. Energy Quotient for Leadership
11. The CEO Departs
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About The Author

Vikash Mittersain, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Nazara Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Started in the year 2000 employing 200 people, his company has been awarded consistently for the last three years in the category of Fastest Growing Top 50 companies in India and amongst the top 500 companies in Asia Pacific by Deloitte.

Nazara Techologies is expanding to be a Global Company and has started operations in the Middle East with Headquarters in Dubai and in Europe with Headquarters in London. It currently has 9 subsidiaries across the world.

Vikash also is the Founder and President of India Business Group, a Chamber of Commerce which is growing rapidly and which already has around 4,000 members. This Chamber connects with all segments and sectors of business.

The Chamber would be focusing on 12 major sectors and would be connecting worldwide through various events and members who are global in nature. The Chamber has already initiated cooperative arrangements with 20 other Chambers around the world and many more are expected to join as Cooperating Chambers.

Cyrus Gonda, is a qualified MENSA International life-member and a rank-holding MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai University.

Cyrus is the author / co-author of many best-selling management books on the subjects of leadership, selling excellence, customer experience excellence, and soft skills; which are used by leading corporate houses to profitably train their staff in these key area.

He possesses rich and varied experience with leading MNCs in the manufacturing and service sectors, in operational as well as administrative roles, both in India and overseas. Cyrus currently is the Head of Department - Strategic Communication, at Rizvi Management Institute, Mumbai, and also the Jt. Managing Director of the cutting-edge leadership and management consultancy firm - Brains Trust India.

He is a communicator and logician par excellence; a spontaneous, entertaining and enlightening speaker. His training workshops are filled with interesting business anecdotes, of which he has a memorable wealth at his disposal for every occasion.

Dr. Nitin Parab, is CEO and Evangelist at CROSSLINK INTERNATIONAL, a strategic consulting firm which gives a very structured approach towards Enterprise Leadership, Vision Road Man and Corporate Branding.

With their associates, Crosslink International has developed a Leadership Behavioural Tool (LBT) which helps in identifying the Leader within the organization. The process helps in scaling and sustaining the organization to great heights.

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