Services Business Management (Pune Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Due to increasing contribution of service industry in GDP of the world, it is necessary to understand the critical success factors of various sectors in service industry by management professionals.

Services are required not only in various service sectors but in various categories and income level of the consumers. Therefore, the challenge lies in satisfying, delighting and enchanting the customer to improve service loyalty. This will give remarkable footprint in the minds of the customer to improve customer loyalty in the particular Service Providing Organisation.

The challenge lies in understanding the voice of customer and accordingly meeting the customer demand. The ever-increasing competition and technology in the field is making customer more aware of availability of services and resources.

This book will help management professionals in understanding what goes in the service process and meeting the customer requirements, how to align our resources to delight customer.

Every chapter include specific thought process necessary to make student aware about unit discussed and explore and understand importance of service requirements. The case study, illustrations and learning outcome will increase the understanding and develop out-of-the-box thinking to know more about service process components. At the end, we have narrated Information Technology Services Management and Infrastructure Library, which leverages service effectiveness and efficiency and economy. The toolkit in Unit 7 will give identification of problem and quick fix to the issues and solutions. This will fulfil economic aspect of service business function.

We have used 5S technique to explore the thought process of the reader to understand Strategy, Scope, System and Skeleton of service business process. This will surface out the key process input factors of service business.

Main purpose of this book is to know more and more about service business processes and implement the tools and techniques, learning from success stories and failure stories nattated in the case studies of this book.

This book also explains simple quality and management tools to use in the business situation to do the root cause analysis and thinking from system approach to meet the objectives of the service business.


Contents -

Introduction of Services Management
1. Overview of Services Business Management
2. Services Mix Elements
3. Services Environment
4. Consumer in Service Industry
5. Research and Growth in Service Industry
6. IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
7. Tools and Techniques for Improving Services Management

About The Author

Dr. Abhay Kulkarni has experience of more than 2 decades of rich industrial and a decade in educational field. Started career in Multinational Engineering Company, trained as LRQA Lead Auditor and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he is hard-core trainer and handles many subjects such as 7 Quality Tools, Value Stream Mapping, Six Sigma and Planning Tools, etc. He is ex-Chairman of Board of Studies — Production Operations and Services Management. He was instrumental in developing Services Management as a separate specialisation. He has done Doctoral research in Six Sigma Business Excellence initiative. Having distinctive academic record throughout his educational career, he decided to join academia as a Director of reputed management institute affiliated to SP Pune University. He presented papers at national and international seminars. Emerging service sector industries demands customer-oriented approach and touch, user-friendly processes, professionalism in dealing with customer online with situational leadership. This prompted him to write this book. With his experience in maintenance engineering, quality and business excellence, he developed best practices and service-based tools and techniques mentioned at the end of the book.

Dr. Sudhir Hasamnis is having 40 years of industrial experience and 10 years in academia. He had worked on Business Process Reengineering in large automobile companies and have exposure in all areas of operations including Sales, Service and Spares. He has played a pivotal role in Business Excellence Services to drive Tata Business Excellence Model initiative at Tata Motors for a decade. He is teacher by heart and has handled many management subjects, ranging from management to service to ideation to IT. He has published many technical papers and case studies and made presentations in international and national forums. He has translated a book in Marathi named "Illusions" and co-authored technical books at Tata Motors on Process Management, Cost Reduction, Enterprise Systems Management Guide-book, Handbook on Balanced Scorecard, Writing of Quality Systems Applications, etc.

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