Glimpses of Indian Management - A Holistic Approach

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Prof. Dr. Arvind A. Kulkarni has been meditating and contemplating on the various problems of Indian economy and management such as agriculture, socio-economic, psychological, spiritual and commercial. Out of his meditation on Indian management, the book "Glimpses of Indian Management: a Holistic Approach" has been emerged. India is having mixed economy, public and private, and having multidimensional mixed management. The gap between profit-oriented Western Management and contentment-oriented Indian management needs to be bridged by the appropriate holistic approach and method is the main objective of the book. Management should not be considered as a mechanism to augment the profit. On the contrary, it should be considered as a way of life which was advocated and recommended by Indian thinkers, philosophers and spiritualists. This book attempts to give justice to the management-oriented holistic approach to Indian Ethos, Values and Culture. In this era of Information Technology, we need to manage vast with fast for which stability of mind needs to be provided through meditation, which is the main objective of Indian management.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Indian Ethos for Management
3. Indian Values for Management
4. Indian Culture for Management
5. Vedantic Management in Global Perspective
6. Indian Management through Ages - I
7. Indian Management through Ages - II
8. Management of Human Life in Indian Perspective
9. Indian Leadership
10. Indian Management in Technocracy
11. Indian Management Today
12. Status and Role of Indian Management in Developing India
13. Indian Management in Future

About The Author

Dr. Arvind A. Kulkarni has been working as a Professor of Management, Humanities and Economics for the last 50 years. He has to his credit Masters degree in Economics, Sociology, English and Ph.D. in Management. He has taught the subject management to the undergraduate and the postgraduate students of engineering and management in Government engineering college, polytechnic and management institutes at the postgraduate level in the state of Maharashtra. He is recognized guide for Ph.D. in Management (HRM) and six students have completed doctorate under his guidance. He has contributed and published number of research papers in the national and international conferences, research journals and articles on management in the various English and Marathi newspapers. He desires to establish Academy for Indian Management, the academy of its kind in Pune.

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