Digital People Organization – "Disrupting HR"

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

People Organization Disrupted! For in today's world, it is all about Talent. In a digitally challenged business organization, HR can either be an enabler or a disruptor, not disrupting in a way solutions emerge but by causing hindrances, objections and bureaucracies, thanks to not transitioning to the digital world!

HR can play a constructive organization – people building role through effective governance based people management practices, engaging, energizing, enabling, building values and facilitating the establishment of a high performing culture or can be actively political, lethargic and negative aligning with non-performing coalitions – an active obstructionist.

This book is a detailed analysis of what causes People disruptions, in both positive and negative ways. It is about CEO's, People Manager's and CHRO's role and their influence in either building organizations or destroying value, while struggling to understand digital business models, products, customers and high performing cultures.

The book contains best practice examples of people disruptors, digital strategies for talent management, predictions, trends, HR functions going out of fashion, digital climate possibilities, Value based cultures, organizational design, HR tech elements, Intellectual Capital Measurement, [email protected], HR knowledge management, 360 Boarding, Neural Machine Learning, Organization Re-Roles, digital business model based structural options, design thinking, detailed surveys, tests and methodologies on Talent Strategies, etc.

The book is a disruptor to conventional ways to people management using traditional power centric HR processes. It is best read by those who are willing to let go their hangovers of what "should" or "should not be" while demonstrating a willingness to stay away from the past be it assumptions, opinions, stereotypes or "been there done that" attitudes.

The book is based on extensive case based research (academic / consulting / global) with corporate examples, application studies, global illustrations, Talent Technologies and conceptual overview of how People Disruptions can build Digital Organizations.


Contents -

1. Trending to the Organization of Tomorrow
2. Demystifying Digital HR
3. Disruptions in HR Leadership
4. Disrupting People Programs
5. Deriving Digital Value in Human Resources
6. Intellect Determines Market
7. Digital Culture Disrupts
8. Disrupting Strategic Structures
9. Designs Disintermediated
10. Collaborations Disrupted
11. Digital Value Chain
12. HR Disruptions – Thinking Ahead

About The Author

Dr. Ganesh Shermon, KPMG LLP, now in Private Equity, Investment and Transaction Management, investing in multiple verticals, joint ventures, tech partnerships including Digital Technology, HRIS, E-Commerce, Retail, Real Estate and HR that influence digital and beyond technologies in relation to Business-Talent-Venture-Human Capital (HCM) interface. His investment — business focus areas include Global Market Entry Strategies for Inbound / Outbound, Partner Search, Promoter Governance, Investor Immigration, Strategic Talent Solutions, social networks, behavioral performance, mobile adaptability, AI, Robotics, Neural Machine Learning, IoT, Gamification, HR on demand (Cloud), big data including its usage in Analytics.

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