Strategic Management

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 212

About The Book

This book is full of original ideas – very few of our own. There are a whole lot of people who could have written each chapter of this book better than us. But our consolation is that none would have written all the chapters. Our role is to weave the threads of individual research into a fine, elegant, useful cloth. In any case, this is not intended to be a reference book. This is a textbook based on the latest syllabus of universities. It is intended to get the students pass the exams.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Strategic Management (Formulation, Implementation and Strategic Management Process)
2. External Environment Analysis (SWOT and PESTEL as Tools for Strategic Formulation)
3. Corporate Level Strategy (ANSOFF Model and GRAND Strategy)
4. Product Portfolio Matrix (BCG, GEMckinsey, 7S)
5. Business Level Strategy (Porter's Generic Strategy and Porter's Value Chain)
6. Core Competence of the Corporation (Internal Competence and Vrio Framework)
7. Red, Blue and Purple Ocean Strategy
8. Competing in Global Market
9. Mergers and Acquisition
10. Change Management and Turnaround Strategies
11. Complexity Management and Globalization
12. Strategy Formulation Schools
13. Strategy Implementation and Control
14. Case Studies
15. Epilogue

About The Author

Dr. Rajiv M. Gupte is a Faculty in Strategic Management. Prior to academics, he was in the industry for 15 years, at senior managerial position. He is also trained in International Relations, Ecology and Complexity Management.

Prof. Anand N. Limaye is a Visiting Faculty at various management institutes. He is part of the Media and Entertainment Industry for last 12 years. He is trained in Marketing and Branding.

Book Reviews

I consider this book as a useful contribution to the management students, as this covers the syllabus completely and explains the concepts in simple, lucid language.

– Prof. D.M. Marathe
Sydenham Institute of Management Studies

This book makes difficult strategic management concepts very easy to understand, and connects very well with the students. Well done.

– Prof. Shailesh Kale
We School

This book demonstrates how strategy, strategic management principles and practices are important for all management concepts and adding value to the business. Case studies are the highlight of this book. All the best.

– Prof. Anant Amdekar

This book on strategic management fills the gap between industry and academics. Such a book has been long awaited by the students. I thank the authors for such magnificent work.

– Dr. Ajay Chaubal
Chetna Institute of Management

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