A 2 Z of Motivation (Your Guide to Success)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 120

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About The Book

Have you ever wondered why some people end up being more successful than others?

These people are no different from us but they just think and act more effectively and efficiently. While most of us are still struggling to win, a few have already mastered their guide to success.

I believe if you want to live your dreams and achieve what you have always desired for, you need to learn from those who are already living their dreams. To be really successful, you need to cultivate yourself as you would cultivate your farm for the best yield.

This book will help you discover and develop the qualities which are essential for success in life. These qualities are handpicked from the life of the most successful people in the world with examples which will help you get an insight into their lives.

The qualities mentioned in this book are shared by almost every person who made it large in life, but these qualities don't develop overnight. It is a long and continuous process of self-evaluation, determination, discipline and persistency to achieve success.


Contents -

1. Attitude towards Life
2. Know Yourself
3. Never Give Up
4. Stand Out from the Crowd
5. Believe in Yourself
6. Education: The Passport to Future
7. Be Humble
8. Follow Your Passion
9. Be Determined
10. Be a Good Listener
11. Take Risks
12. Respect Time
13. Have a Precise Goal
14. Have Faith
15. Have Curiosity
16. The Fire of Desire
17. The Crusade for Character
18. Be the Change You Want to See
19. Your Body is Your Temple
20. Stop Preaching
21. Courage and Difficulties
22. Find Your Why? (Have a Vision)
23. Emotional Intelligence
24. Maintain the Brand Called "YOU"
25. Become an Inspiration
26. Do You Deserve? Do You Desire?
27. Take Accountability
28. Stand Up for Others
Your Guide to Success

About The Author

It is customary for this page "About the Author" to be a curriculum vitae of the author in terms of academic and employment achievements. However, I wanted to use this page to present a little more than just my curriculum vitae.

Growing Up -

I am a teenager with my share of ups and downs. While my mom ensured I excel in studies resulting in me having over 100 value add certificates like spelling certificates, science certificates, mathematics, etc. before I finished high school, I was always inclined to be an athlete. I was the team captain for Tug of War Maharashtra State, and an award winner in 200 and 400 meters running competitions. I was the school head boy and the house captain. And at my college, I was Mr. Freshers.

What Made Me Think?

I am fortunate to have an informal personal mentoring board guiding me since an early age. Over 20 senior management professionals (who I call uncle) allow me a meeting once a month to feed me coffee, pizza and ice-creams, and discuss whats new in my life on a one-to-one basis. It is such a privilege and the term seek and you shall find is so true since I have these great minds helping me at every step.

Way Ahead -

I am currently a student at VSIT, Mumbai. I will be attending University of Toledo from 2019 to 2021 for my Bachelor of Business Administration. I am also pursuing my CFP and keen to obtain my Masters from an Ivy League Business School. I plan to work as an investment banker and a part-time motivational speaker.

My Earlier Book -

"Tales of Jalaram Bapa" is the first book which I co-authored with my younger brother. I was 14 then. My book is available at leading sites like Amazon.com, Amazon.in, Ebay.com, Abebooks.com, barnesandnoble.com, Ebay.au, rediffbooks.com and many other sites.

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