History of the United States of America - II

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About The Book

The first part of the book "History of the United States of America" is already in circulation and received well by the students and teachers. The present book is a sequel of the Part-I and covers the topics prescribed for paper-III of the DSE course of History. The pattern and style of presentation remains the same. In the previous part we have discussed the history of the United States of America till the end of the civil war. For the benefit and convenience of the readers, we have included in that book a chapter on Abraham Lincoln.

The second part of the book, the history of the United States of America starts with the reconstruction activities of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, when this process of reconstruction was continuing. Naturally, we went further to discuss the progress and end of the reconstruction. The conditions of the South during and after reconstruction has been discussed in a separate chapter. The activities of carpet baggers, scalawags and Ku Klux Klan is also dealt with in this chapter. To discuss the growth of capitalism, big business, business cycles and depression, a separate chapter has been inserted.

In DSE Paper-I, a chapter is there to describe the expansion of Frontier and Turner thesis. The chapter also includes marginalisation, displacement and decimation of native Americans. Case history of Tekumseh and Sahwnee Prophet is also included in this chapter. This chapter is included in Part-II of the book to maintain chronological sequence. It was done so as the book was basically planned to be published as a single volume. In next edition, effort will be made to shift this chapter to Part-I of the book.

For Unit-II of the syllabus, we have included in this book topics like Agrarian Crisis, Populism, urban corruption and progressivism. We have also discussed Labour Movements and Unionisation. For New Deal, we have added a separate chapter.

This part of the book also deals with US imperialism in which events like Spanish. American war and American expansion in the Far East and Latin America is also discussed. American participation in both the world wars has also been dealt with. We have also discussed the Afro-American movements in the USA. In this chapter, the role of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois and Marcus Garvey is also evaluated. Another chapter is devoted to denote the Lowell Factory System, women's right movement as well as the movement for women's suffrage. The condition and the rise of Afro-American women is also included in this chapter. There is also a chapter to discuss the development of different religious cults in the USA. Under the perview of this chapter, efforts are made to discuss early revivalism, Puritans, Quakers, Mormons and Temperance movement. The last chapter deals with the Mass Culture of America and the major literary trend in the USA between 1900 and 1945 AD.


Contents -

1. Reconstruction – Different Phases, The New South, Participation and Reactions
2. Growth of Capitalism and Big Business; Business Cycles; Depression
3. Resistance and Reform Movements (Agrarian Crisis, Populism, Urban Corruption, Progressivism and Labour Movement and Unionism)
4. New Deal
5. Expansion of Frontier – Marginalisation, Displacement and Decimation of Native Americans-Tecumseh-Shawnee Prophet, Turner's Thesis
6. Imperialism of United State of America
7. Afro-American Movements
[Civil Rights Disabilities – Jim Crow Laws – Civil Right Movements 1896-1954, NAACP, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Civil Rights Movement and Accomplishments 1954-1968]
8. Women's Movements in America
[Lowell Factory System, Abolitionist, Women Rights Movement and Afro-American Women suffrage]
9. Socio-Religious Movements
[Revivalism – First and Second Awakening – Puritanism – Quakers – Mormons – Temperance]
10. Mass Culture and Major Literary Trend (1900-1945)

About The Author

Late Dr. Hemanta Kumar Mohapatra -

(M.A., M.Phils., Ph.D.)

Retired Associate Professor,

B.J.B Autonomous College,


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