Non-Chordates-I Protists to Pseudocoelomates Sem I (Calcutta Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

The present title "Non-Chordates-I" (Protists to Pseudocoelomates) is an attempt to provide an accurate, up-to-date, concised, simplified and examination-oriented text to the students. The entire volume has been divided into seven units as per the latest syllabus of Calcutta University. All the topics of the subject have been thoroughly dealt with incorporating latest informations available. A student will find almost every information about the subject in this book. A simple language easy to understand by an average student has been used. Diagrams have been simplified to make them easy to be redrawn by the students.

It has been designed to approach the morphology, anatomy and physiology of selected types in a simple and lucid style. General characteristics and classification have also been dealt with complete, authentic and up-to-date account. The approach to the discussion of all the types is very simple so as to impact to the students a clear and vivid understanding.

Though extreme case has been taken in the preparation of the book, some mistakes might have crept in. Both teachers and students are requested to point them out to the publishers so that they can be rectified by the author personally.


Contents -

1. Importance to Taxonomy
2. Kinds of Classification
3. Components of Classification
4. International Code of Zoological Nomenclature
5. Protozoa: Characters and Classification
6. Locomotion in Amoeba, Euglena and Paramecium
7. Conjugation in Paramecium
8. Plasmodium (Malaria Parasite)
9. Entamoeba Histolytica
10. Evolution of Symmetry and Segmentation in Metazoa
11. Porifera: Characters and Classification
12. Canal System in Sponges
13. Spicules in Sponges
14. Coelenterata: Characters and Classification
15. Metagenesis in Obelia
16. Polymorphism in Coelenterata
17. Corals and Coral Reef Diversity
18. Role of Symbiotic Algae in Reef Formation
19. Conservation of Coral and Coral Reefs
20. Ctenophora: Characters and Classification
21. Platyhelminthes: Characters and Classification
22. Fasciola Hepatica
23. Taenia Solium
24. Nematoda: Characters and Classification
25. Ascaris Lumbricoides
26. Wuchereria Bancrofti
27. Parasitism and Parasitic Adaptations
28. Study of Whole Mount
29. Identification and Systematic Position
30. Study of Gut Contents of Cockroach for Protozoa and Helminth

About The Author

Dr. Mohan P. Arora is an experienced researcher and an ardent teacher. After taking his master degree from Vikram University, he joined the Mossfern Laboratory at Barlow Ganj, Mussourie as a scientist in 1970, and a year later, he joined Department of Zoology, M.M.H. (Post Graduate) College, Ghaziabad (U.P.) in 1971. He submitted Ph.D. thesis in 1977 under the UGC Teachers Fellowship. He has 34 years teaching experience. Since 1971, he is engaged in furthering his studies on Reproductive Endocrinology (Cytological approach). At present, he is continuing the same department in the capacity of Reader. He has guided several researchers in Avian as well as Reptilian endocrinology. He is a regular member and fellow of several societies and associations. He attended several international symposia. Apart from the present title, he is an author of several books.

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