Food and Beverage Management and Control

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Food and Beverage Management and Control deals with the techniques as applied to food and beverage business for greater efficiency and profitability. This book clearly explains the step-by-step procedures for food and beverage management and control. The contents of the book are based on actual practices of well-managed hotels, as well as food and beverage establishments. The book gives special attention to problems associated with internal control of revenues and expenses. It describes in a simplified manner the composition and structure of this trade, various weights and measures, elements of cost and sale, food cost, volume forecasting and portion control, dish costing, meat costing, cost of staff meals, gross and net profit, total cost and selling price, pricing policy banquet cost/special function, operating statements, control and development of budget, cash budget, diagrams and graphic presentation and break-even analysis, so significant in the management of any business.

Students of hotel and tourism management programs, management trainees, hotel managers, food and beverage managers, will appreciate the methodology of presentation and in-depth knowledge illustrated through practical problem solving approach applied in the text. Numerous formats, forms, tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, specimens, financial statements and reports, case studies, practical problems and their solutions are explained in each topic. Examination questions based specially for semester, objective type problems covering both practical and theoretical inputs have been incorporated in the text to assist those with limited knowledge of hotel accounting and financial techniques.


Contents -

1.1 Food and Beverage Management
1.2 Food and Beverage Costing
1.3 Weights and Measures
1.4 Menu Sequence and Analysis
1.5 A lá carte and Table d'hote
2.1 Food and Beverages Cost and Sales
2.2 Food Cost
2.3 Volume Forecasting and Production Control
2.4 Recipe or Dish Costing
2.5 Meat Costing
2.6 Cost of Staff Meals
2.7 Gross Profit
2.8 Labour Cost
2.9 Indirect Cost or Overheads
2.10 Allocation and Apportionment of Hotel Costs
2.11 Net Profit
2.12 Total Cost and Selling Prices
2.13 Food and Beverage Pricing Policy
2.14 Menu Pricing
2.15 Banqueting Cost and Special Functions
2.16 Operating Statements
3.1 Food and Beverage Control
3.2 Cash Flow Statement
3.3 Budgeting
3.4 Development of Budgets
3.5 Cash Budget
3.6 Diagrams and Graphic Representation
3.7 Break-even Analysis
Appendix – I: 50 Short Answer Questions with Solutions
Appendix – II: 110 Formulas for Managing and Controlling Food and Beverage Operations
Appendix – III: 63 Food and Beverage Control Forms/Formats: Test Your Knowledge
Glossary (Technical Terms)

About The Author

Dr. Jagmohan Negi, A distinguished professor in Tourism and Hotel Management. He is a guest professor in many institutes, colleges and universities as well as an expert member in several Tourism and Hotel Management Committees at professional and academic levels. He is a renowned author of books on tourism, finance, hotel management, food and beverage, HRD and sales and marketing areas. Dr. Negi is a founder member of two internationally renowned organizations—Himalayan Tourism and Recreation in Mountains and International Culinary Foundation.

Suniti Negi - An experienced person on traditional Indian cuisine with vast and unique distinction of cooking at the basic levels, Ms. Suniti has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the art and science of preparation and service of various Indian dishes and management and control techniques of food and beverages establishments. With her practical experience and in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, she has contributed and participated in number of food festivals and many exhibitions and seminars of international levels. She is the founder member of reputed professional bodies such as International Culinary Foundation, and Himalayan Tourism and Recreation in Mountains.

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