Analysing Strategic Management

ISBN Number : 978-93-5299-401-4

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 288

About The Book

Analysing Strategic Management conveys the theory of strategic management into principles and practices that students need to know in order to accomplish practical awareness. It reflects an approach that is grounded firmly in theory and research but that is ever so practical in application. My 20 years of experience in industry and 16 years of experience of teaching Marketing Management, General Management and Strategic Management to executives, MBAs, and students of Ph.D. have helped me to pick contemporary practices in strategising. I have tried my best to make Strategic Management easier and practical; everything in the book, from its treatment to its organization, reflects practicality of the subject.

The years ahead will without a doubt bring ever greater change, increased uncertainty, and a more diverse field of competition. New technologies, new industries, and new market forces demand new approaches to the way organizations do business. Business strategies demand quickness in approach and knowledge; business organizations have begun to learn that their success in meeting these challenges lie in a new mix of old and contemporary practices, quick grasp of marketing, total quality assurance, strategic planning and truthful implementation. After all, management requires common sense. I have named my book as Analysing Strategic Management because the book endeavors to examine various strategies methodically and in detail, classically in order to explain and interpret it.


Contents -

1. Basics of Strategy
2. Strategic Planning Process
3. Strategic Analysis
4. Organizational Structure and Leadership
5. Strategic Control and Corporate Governance
6. Innovation is Key to Business Success
7. Marketing Plays Key Role in Business Strategy

About The Author

Prof. Dr. Vidya Hattangadi is a doctorate in Marketing Management of Pune University and a post doctoral (D.Litt) in Management from University of Mumbai. She has 23 years of experience in industry and 8 years teaching experience.   

She is associated with Anjuman-I-Islam’s Allana Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai as Director cum Professor of Marketing.   

Her area of interest is management research. She is a Research Guide to a number of Ph.D. students registered with various universities.

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