Corporate Banking

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Corporate banking has been playing fabulous work in shaping the future of the corporate and in turn the nation. Wherever corporate banking has entrenched deep into the roots of the business, the result which ultimately arrived was only growth and development.

The growth of industrial sector and other service oriented ones in advanced nations like U.S.A., U.K., Germany and Japan is primarily because of the reason that enough attention was given by these nations to ensure the set-up of corporate banking, meeting the requirements of all concerned.

While corporate banking is a sweet word for the industrial sector, the delivery of the same has to be done meticulously with checks and balances. Unless the safety aspect of public funds is not ensured, it may open the gates for the likes of Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya who duped the banks in million dollars.

This book discovers the element of corporate banking and key aspects encompassing corporate banking for the benefit of management students and practicing banking professionals in the field.


Contents -

1. Indian Banking System
2. Concept of Corporate Banking and Financial Innovations
3. Loan Policy and Principles of Lending
4. Identifying the Borrowers and Projects
5. How the Credit Proposals are to be Presented by the Corporate Banking Branch?
6. Various Methods of Creating Charge Over Securities
Foundation of Governance
7. An Understanding of the Types of Advances Dealt with by the Corporate Banking Branch
8. Project Appraisal and Credit Decisions by the Corporate Banking Branch
9. How the Corporate Banking Branch Understands–Financial Statements, Balance Sheet and Ratios?
10. Parameters of Assessment of Working Capital of an Unit by the Corporate Banking Branch
11. What in the Opinion of the Bank is the Attributes of a Good Tangible Security
12. Export Finance Done by the Corporate Banking Branch
13. Non-fund Based Finance – Letter of Credit Extended by the Corporate Banking Branch
14. Types of Letter of Credit
15. Few International Commercial, Financial and Regulatory Terms Which Corporate Banking Branch Need to Understand – INCO Terms 2000, UCP 600, URR 525
16. Documentation Done by the Corporate Banking Branch on Corporate Credit
17. An Understanding of the Capital Budgeting Techniques Involved in Corporate Financing Done by the Corporate Banking Branch
18. Loan Pricing
19. Insurance on Corporate Credit
20. Technology as Aid to Corporate Banking
21. Recovery Measures Adopted by the Corporate Banking Branch
Case Studies

About The Author

Dr. G. Vijayaragavan Iyengar brings with him a blend of banking and academic experience of over two-and-half decades. Dr. Iyengar has experienced his life as a banker in the well renowned Punjab National Bank at all levels including major part of his career in the bank as a Faculty Member in the Training College of the bank. While heading the Human Resources domain of the Regional operations of the Bank covering Vidarbha region, acknowledging his skills and ability to lead from front, the officers of the bank elected him with massive mandate as Organizing Secretary of the Officers Association in Vidarbha. He has conducted over 250 Management Development training modules on Banking as Senior Faculty which include training of overseas personnel at the instance of Government of India.

Dr. Vijayaragavan is associated with many professional institutes of repute in his capacity as consultant and advisor on matters of finance and banking interests. He is currently associated with top Management Institutes of higher learning as Visiting Professor in the field of Finance and HR.

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