Basic Principles of Psychology for Nursing Students

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

"Basic Principles of Psychology for Nursing Students" is a comprehensive book that is designed for all student nurses who are taking up Diploma and Bachelor in nursing programs as well as for the registered nurses who would like to enrich their practice as nurse practitioners. Psychology as a subject must provide adequate insight for the aspiring nurses who will embark into the caring profession which requires adjustment to the behaviour of the patients and those around them. Among these concepts are the following: the psychology of nursing care and the psychological intervention like the therapeutic smile, mental health, growth and development. The basic concepts of psychology are also presented in this book, since it is very important as the author views it, that all nurses must also know and understand the origin and the development of psychology as a science.

Psychology helps nurses to understand the patients and their diseases in a better way. As there is close relationship between mind, body and spirit, most of the physical disorders are related to mind. Hence, the treatment for only body may not help the patients. Patients differ in their personality, motivation, intelligence, attitudes, aptitudes, learning, thinking, emotion, etc. Each of these processes has its role in determining the disease condition of the patient. Knowledge of psychology helps nurses to understand the role of these psychological processes in causing different diseases. Nurses can make use of various methods, materials, tests, etc. explained in psychology to assess the patients. Accurate assessment helps in ensuring appropriate treatment, nursing care and early cure. The frustrations, conflicts, stress and emotions cause psychosomatic disorders. Such disorders need treatment for both body and mind. Role of nurses in treatment of these patients is very important. Indian Nursing Council (INC) has done a right job by including all the essential chapters in the syllabus for students of nursing. Attempts have been made to give suitable explanation along with appropriate examples. Psychology is such a vast subject that it is very difficult to include all the points in a book. Hence, the points prescribed in syllabus are explained in a precise way, so as to enable the nurses of today to enrich their knowledge and to meet the challenges they encounter in their profession.


Contents -

Block I: Introduction
1. Introduction about Psychology
2. Scientific Methods of Psychology
3. Fields of Psychology
Block II: Biology of Behaviour
4. Biology of Behaviour
5. Heredity and Environment
6. Sensory Process
Block III: Cognitive Processes
7. Attention and Perception
8. Learning
9. Memory
10. Thinking
11. Intelligence
Block IV: Motivation and Emotional Processes
12. Motivation
13. Emotions and Stress
14. Attitude
Block V: Personality
15. Personality
Block VI: Developmental Psychology
16. Growth and Development
17. Psychology of Groups
Block VII: Mental Hygiene and Mental Health
18. Mental Hygiene, Mental Health and Mental Illness
19. Counselling and Techniques
Block VIII: Psychological Assessments
20. Psychological Assessment

About The Author

Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi, Ph.D. is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (DU), Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She has gained her Ph.D. in Psychology. She teaches courses which includes General Psychology, Neuropsychology, Yoga, Pranayama and many others.

She is a consultant in Abi Yoga Studio which organizes yoga teacher training programme, yoga training, competition, workshop and special lectures on the therapeutic values of yoga. Her scientific interests and research focus are mainly on yoga, mental health and well-being.

Beyond her research and teaching, she serves as member of the editorial board of an academic journal. She has also a monographed on "Yoga, Meditation and Happiness" in Spirituality and Human Psyche (2015). She has published a number of scientific publications in the fields of psychology, yoga and personal development.

Dr. M.V. Sudhakaran -

Associate Professor,

School of Social Science,

Tamil Nadu Open University.

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