Operations Research

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Operations Research which is also known as Management Science is the systematic application of quantitative methods, techniques and tools to the analysis of problems involving operations of systems. In today's competitive business, engineers, executives, administrators and managers in almost all fields of business apply operations research techniques to make better and more accurate decisions based on factual data available related to the problems to be solved. Operations research has a wide scope of application in various fields of business, for example, accounting, finance, marketing, production / operations, human resource, etc.

Because of the wide application of quantitative methods or technique in problem solving and decision making, study of operations research as a core subject in MBA program has become inevitable. The success of any business organisation is primarily based on the quality and timeliness of decisions taken by managers and therefore managers are evaluated mainly on the results of their decisions. Even though many software programs are widely used to solve operations research problem, the conceptual knowledge of the subject is important for all managers.

This book consists of eleven chapters covering the entire syllabus of MBA program of Osmania University, Andhra Pradesh. However, students of MBA program or post-graduate diploma program in business management of any other Indian university may also find this book very useful for their study. This book is student-friendly with special features such as exhibits, box illustrations, flow charts, examples and solved problems. Appendix and subject index are value additions.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Operations Research
2. Linear, Non-linear and Integer Linear Programming
3. Introduction to Goal and Dynamic Programming
4. Linear Programming - I
5. Linear Programming - II
6. Transportation Problems
7. Assignment Problems
8. Project Management / Network Analysis
9. Queuing Models
10. Game Theory
11. Simulation

About The Author

K. Shridhara Bhat, a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with postgraduate diploma in Industrial Management and Master`s degree in Business Administration is currently engaged in part-time teaching as a visiting professor and consultancy in the field of management education and industry.

Earlier, he worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Management Studies, East Point College of Engineering and Technology and BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore during the period of 1994 to 2005.

Before taking up teaching profession, he served Bharat Electronics for a period of about 26 years in the areas of Production and Operations Management, Materials Management, Research and Development, Human Resource Management, etc.

He has authored books in subjects such as – Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Materials Management, Inventory Management, Business Process Reengineering, Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques, Management and Behavioural Processes, World-class Manufacturing, Logistics Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc.

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