College Zoology - II

ISBN Number : 978-93-5299-523-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2019

No. Of Pages : 406

About The Book

The book is written with the idea of explaining some basic concepts in Zoology. Authors have made a sincere attempt to make the matter self-explanatory and simple for the students of Zoology. During the compilation of the matter, some text has been taken from internet, references and other resources, only with intention of creating best of the study material for students. Authors are sure that the book will be informative and resourceful for students of Zoology. Suggestions and creative criticisms from teachers and students are most welcome.


Contents -

Part 1: Cell Biology
1. Cell Biology
2. Biomolecules
3. Endomembrane System
Part 2: Study of Systems
4. Study of Nutrition and Excretion
5. Study of Respiration and Circulation
6. Control and Coordination, Locomotion and Reproduction
Part 3: Embryology
7. Comparative Embryology
8. Aspects of Human Reproduction
Part 4: Genetics and Evolution
9. Nucleic Acids
10. Chromosomes and Heredity
11. Fundamentals of Genetics
12. Population Genetics and Evolution
13. Origin and Evolution of Life
Part 5: Economic Zoology, Parasitology and Ethology
14. Economic Zoology
15. Parasitology
16. Ethology
Part 6: Pollution and Its Effects
17. Pollution and Its Effects on Organisms

About The Author

Dr. Neelima Kulkarni is Retd. Head, Department of Zoology, at V.G. Vaze College, Mulund, Mumbai. She retired after being in the teaching profession for 39 years. She was a recognised research guide at University of Mumbai in the subject of Zoology. She attended and presented research papers at several National and International conferences. She writes popular articles on environment for Marathi print media and All India Radio.

Dr. Nirmalkumar G. Kurve is Retired Professor in the subject Biology at V.G. Vaze College for 27 years. He has been actively involved in textbook writing since 1999 and has authored books for various publishers. He also has made oral presentations in many National and International conferences in India and abroad.

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