Innovation and R&D Management - Concept and Cases

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Organisations today are facing challenges because of technology intensive and hypercompetitive global business environment in the country. Research and Development (R & D) is one of the core function of all organisations intending to keep its competitors at bay and protect its market turf through its competitive advantage. The current title "INNOVATION AND R & D MANAGEMENT — CONCEPT AND CASES" tries to address issues from understanding the subject's concepts to practical applications.

The authors have taken the task of presenting the subject matter in clear, concise and comprehensive manner and attempted to explain the concepts using the cases or caselets. The book is grouped in four parts. First part containing three units (Units I, II, III) deals with concept and issues in Research and Development. The second part containing two units (Units IV and V) deals with innovation. The difference between Research and Development and innovation is attempted to be explained in simple and easy terms for the readers to understand. The third part (Unit VI) deals with the current practices of Research and Development and Innovation adopted by various nations. Since India is not lagging in Research and Development and Innovation efforts, we have included only the Indian cases in the book. The last part, Unit VII, contains the Indian cases of Research and Development and innovation. In all, about thirteen cases have been discussed. The cases cover various domains just to name a few such as engineering, manufacturing, co-operative sector, telecom sector and farming sector. One of the cases deals with the way ahead in the areas of Research and Development and Innovation.

The first two parts of the book also meet the specific requirements of Second Year, First Semester MBA students of Osmania University for the subject titled: "Innovation Management". This is based on the newly introduced CBSE pattern of syllabus as approved by the Board of Studies. The subject is covered in simple language for the students to understand and comprehend. Questions have been incorporated at the end of each unit for testing the understanding of the subject and discussion on the subject.


Contents -

Unit 1: Introduction to Management of Research and Development
Unit 2: Managing R & D Projects
tUnit 3: Effective Research and Development Management
Unit 4: Innovation Management
Unit 5: Managing Innovation within Organisation
Unit 6: R & D Management Current Trends
Unit 7: Cases of Indian Innovation

About The Author

Mr. Surendra Triambak Rao Deshmukh, (b. 5th July 1949) has obtained both E.E. (Hons) Electrical Engineering and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Osmania University and also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Hyderabad Central University. He has more than 27 years experience in industry, having worked in different capacity at different levels. As a Project Engineer, he has worked on prestigious projects of Government of India. He was member of the team working on Instrumentation of Nuclear Reactor using Breeder Technology with Liquid Sodium as Coolant (Technology brought in India for the first time). In addition, his experience spans in various aspects of Marketing. He headed the business development group for the steel sector. He has worked in the Insurance sector and was a client advisor on insurance issues. He has to his credit having conceptualized, designed and implemented an Integrated Management Information system in ECIL. He has more than 18 years of experience in academics at post graduate level. His areas of specialization are Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Sales and Distribution Management, Services Marketing, Project Management, Software Engineering and Management Information System.

He has worked as Principal of various post graduate college offering MBA and MCA course. He has been a visiting faculty in the MBA College of Osmania University having taught "Business Process Re-engineering" when it was first introduced into the curriculum. He has been a visiting faculty in National Academy of Construction and in Hospitality Management and Hotel Management Institutes. At present, he is a Director / Principal at Basveshwara Institute of Information Technology, a Post Graduate College offering PG Degree in Management and Computer Science.

Dr. I. Gopinath, B.E., M.S., Ph.D., graduated in Electrical Engineering from Osmania University. Joined in ISRO in 1974 and superannuated in 2009 as Senior Scientist. Specialized in Project Management. Responsible for realization of major space related projects. While in Service persued M.S. from IIT Madras in Industrial Management and Ph.D. from Osmania University in Business Management. Post retirement, with a zeal to interact with students, perused career in Academics as Professor of Management. Worked in major Management Institutes in Hyderabad and Madanapally Chittor District where worked as Associated Dean, Industry Institution Liaison. Currently, he is working as Professor in Basveshwara Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. His special areas of Interest are Strategic Management, Innovation Technology, Graphene Applications and Research and Development.

Dr. Ch. Chandra Shekar, an engineering and management graduate had a passion for innovation since childhood. Having worked in software industry for a considerable period, he turned his passion into an expedition. This book is the result for the expedition. He is an Engineering graduate (B.Tech.) from JNT University, MBA (Technology Management) from Osmania University. He is recipient of the prestigious ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship award. An avid sport enthusiast and has keen interest in culinary art. He has international work experience. He has interest in Strategic Management, Leadership and Management of Technology as subjects. Currently, he is working as Accociate Professor in Basveshwara Institute of Information Technology and a visiting faculty in Dept. of Business Management, Osmania University.

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