Elements of Costing (Davanagere Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5299-201-0

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 238

Book Weight :320

About The Book

This book entitled as a "Elements of Costing" is written for degree students of UG courses. The related matters are written in a simple and easily understandable. While writing this book, an attempt has been made to present the concepts briefly whith examples. The present work of us has sincerely tried to highlight the practical areas of accounting. The language used is very lucid and more informative to both a beginner as well as a professional.

This book aims to provide required course content of the elements of costing which is divided in six unit. Each and every unit is explained with structure and illustrations. Review questions and practical problems at the end of each unit and carefully selected the view of examination and practice of assignments.


Contents -

Module 1 : Introduction
Module 2 : Materials
Module 3 : Employee Cost
Module 4 : Overheads
Module 5 : Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
Module 6 : Inculcation of Soft Skills

About The Author

Manjunatha K.B. -

M.Com, M.Phil, PGDKC,

Associate Prof., Department of Commerce,

Smt. Giriyamma R Kantappa Shresti First Grade Women’s College,

Harihar, Davangere University.

Manjunatha J.M. -

M.Com, M.Phil,

Asst. Prof., Department of Commerce & Management,

Govt. First Grade College, Harapanahalli,

Davanagere University.

K.B. Sunitha -

M.Com., M.Phil

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,

Government First Grade College for Women,

Davangere, Davangere University.

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