Basic Physics and Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Medical Physics and Radiation Safety are integral parts of radiation oncology, radiology and nuclear medicine in any medical institution or hospital. Remarkable development has taken place in these disciplines of medicine particularly due to the phenomenal progress in electronics and computing. I have witnessed the technological developments in these three disciplines during my professional career of over 3 decades, while working at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Technology has enabled us to use both ionizing and non-ionizing radiations for medical imaging with extremely good image quality, which in turn helps the physicians in making proper diagnostic interpretation. In nuclear medicine there has also been tremendous progress in the production of newer radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. While, the use of ionizing radiation for diagnosis and/or therapy has been increasing with great enthusiasm, adequate safety measures against the possible radiation hazards have become all the more important than ever before. Fortunately, they are realized and also have been given due consideration in the current clinical practice of these disciplines. Proper radiation safety standards are absolutely necessary in any facility, using ionizing radiation, to ensure the safety of occupational staff, patients and the general public from radiation hazards. World over, each country has its own regulatory body to monitor the radiation safety standards in a facility, using ionizing radiation, so that the staff, patients and public at large do not receive radiation exposure beyond the prescribed limits set by the regulatory or competent body.

This edition consists of 41 chapters.


Contents -

Part I : Basic Physics and Imaging Techniques
1. Basic Atomic and Nuclear Physics - G.S. Pant and H. Rajabi
2. Interaction of Radiation with Matter - G.S. Pant
3. Radioactivity - G.S. Pant and A.K. Pandey
4. Counting Statistics - A.K. Pandey
5. Radiation Detectors - G.S. Pant
6. Radionuclide Dose Calibrator - G.S. Pant
7. Scintillation Detection (in vitro) - G.S. Pant
8. Radiation Detection in vivo and Gamma Camera Imaging - G.S. Pant
9. Single Photon Emission Tomography (SPECT) - G.S. Pant and H. Rajabi
10. Image Filtering in Nuclear Medicine - H. Rajabi and A.K. Pandey
11. Image Quality in Nuclear Medicine - G.S. Pant
12. Fourier Transform: Basic Concepts - H. Rajabi
Part II : Dosimetry
A.R. Reddy
14. Radiation Dosimetry in Graves' Disease - G.S. Pant
15. Dosimetry with Iodine-131 in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer - Praveen Kumar and C.S. Bal
16. Dosimetric Considerations in Lutetium based Targeted Radionuclide Therapy - Ishita B. Sen and Parul Thakral
17. Dosimetric Aspects in Radioembolisation with 90Y Microspheres and 188Re-HDD-Lipiodol for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) - G.S. Pant and Ajay Kumar
18. Dose Estimation in Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Procedures using OLINDA/EXM Personal Computer Code - Aruna Kaushik
Part III : Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine
19. Radionuclides in Medicine and Research - N. Ramamoorthy and Meera Venkatesh
20. Radiopharmaceuticals in Clinical Nuclear Medicine - M.G.R. Rajan
21. PET Radiochemistry and PET Radiopharmaceuticals - M.G.R. Rajan
22. Applications of Radionuclides in Clinical Nuclear Medicine - Girish K. Parida, Chetan D. Patel and C.S. Bal
Part IV : Cyclotron, PET/CT and PET/MR
23. Medical Cyclotron: Basic Principle and Operation - G.S. Pant and S. Senthamizhchelvan
24. PET/CT: Physical Principles, Instrumentation and Performance Evaluation - G.S. Pant
25. Combined PET/CT: Technical Aspects and Image Registration - Habib Zaidi
26. Image Correction Techniques in SPECT and PET - Habib Zaidi
27. Computed Tomography in PET/CT - Mahadevappa Mahesh, Devasenathipathy Kandasamy and Raju Sharma
28. Clinical Applications of PET and PET-CT - Girish K. Parida and Rakesh Kumar
29. PET Imaging: Potential Applications in Gene and Stem Cell Therapy - Tarun Singhal
30. PET-CT Based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning - T. Ganesh, S. Agrawal and R. Prabhakar
31 MR Imaging – Basic Concepts - S. Senthil Kumaran
32. Basic Introduction to PET/MRI - S. Senthamizhchelvan and G.S Pant
33. Clinical Applications of PET/MRI - Amarnath Jena
Part V : Quantification Techniques in Nuclear Medicine
34. Background Subtraction in Nuclear Medicine - H. Rajabi and G.S. Pant
35. Deconvolution Analysis and Renal Transit Time Parameters - H. Rajabi and G.S. Pant
36. Radiotracer Kinetics: Applications in Nuclear Medicine - Bharathi D. Jagadeesan
Part VI : Health Physics and Radiation Safety
37. Basics of Radiobiology - G.S. Pant
38. Radiobiological Basis of Radiation Protection - B.S. Rao
39. ICRP Recommendations - A.R. Reddy and S.C. Jain
40. Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine - G.S. Pant and B. Rajashekhar Rao
41. Diagnostic Reference Levels for Nuclear Medicine - S.C. Jain and A.R. Reddy

About The Author

Dr. G.S. Pant joined the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India, in the year 1971 as a Physicist in radiation oncology. In 1985, he moved to nuclear medicine, where he worked in various faculty positions before being elevated to the position of Professor (Med. Phys.) in 2003. After superannuating from AIIMS in October 2007, he worked at King Fahad Specialist Hospital (KFSH), Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in Medical Imaging Department as a Consultant Medical Physicist and Head of Cyclotron for a few years. Thereafter he worked as a visiting professor to AIIMS, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand in the Department of Nuclear Medicine for two years (2019-2020). He has experience of working in various disciplines of radiological sciences like radiation oncology, radiology and Nuclear Medicine. He has visited several countries as an expert in Medical Physics (Nuclear Medicine) under the aegis of the IAEA and Indian Government. He has several research publications to his credit and has edited few books. He is authoring the present book on "Introduction to the Basic Sciences in Nuclear Medicine".

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