Innovation and Re-Engineering of Management Practices for Sustainability

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About The Book

It is with immense pleasure we bring into the hands of the readers, the collection of Research Articles on "Innovation and Re-engineering of Management Practices for Sustainability".

A technical academic paper will typically include five main sections: Introduction, Research and Literature Review, Experimental Investigations, Results and Conclusions. Needless to say, it takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to investigate and prepare the research papers that adds to the existing knowledge-base in their respective field of expertise.


Contents -

01 A Study on "The Influence of Financial Structure, Leverage and Profitability on Industrial Companies' Shares Value: An Applied Study of Indian Industrial Companies" - Dr. Vandana Samba and Dr. Vani. H.
02 Perceptions of Accounting Professionals towards Leases (IFRS -16) – Evidence from Hyderabad - Sathyanarayana Gardasu
03 Earnings Quality: An Analysis - Dr. Y. Sucharita and Ms A. Lokeswari
04 Forensic Accounting - J. Sai Tharun
05 Crowdfunding for Innovation and Sustainability - Urmila Deshmukh
06 Sectorial Participation in Different Bull Runs of Indian Stock Markets - R. Sushama and Dr. A. Patrick
07 Equity SIP in Indian Stock Market – SWOT Analysis - M. Jayasree
08 An Empirical Study on FDI in India with Reference to Select Sectors - Dr. Kavitha Lal and Mrs M. Suvarchala Rani
09 Cloud Computing: A Technological Transformation in Banking Operations - Ms. Smriti Nagaria
10 Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Indian Financial Sector - Ms. Honila Vijay Kumar
11 Issues and Challenges in Digital Banking – The Indian Scenario - P. Rekha
12 A Comparative Study on NPAs of Nationalized, SBI Group and Public Sector Banks in India from the Perspective of Loan Recovery - Humera Fatima and Dr. R. Venkateswar Rao
13 Disruption of Traditional Financial Services through Digital Finance – Global and Indian Perspective - K. Srivani, K. Lakshmi Kiran and K. Kaushik
14 A Study on Financial Performance Analysis with Special Reference to National Small-scale Industries Corporation (NSIC) - Dr. Vandana Samba and Mr. P. Ganesh Anand
15 Impact of GST on Small Business Enterprises - Ms. Deepti Daga
16 A Study on Blockchain Technology, its Implications on the Financial Landscape and its Future - Jaywanth Paul
01 A Comparative Analysis of Business School Rankings by Select Magazines in India – An Analytical Study - Dr. R. Anita and Dr. D. Sunder Reddy
02 Knowledge Management: An Annite Approach - Dr. Ruma Roy
03 A Study of Personality Traits and its Influence on Work-life Balance - P. Suhasini
04 Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Workplace Deviance: A Study of Employees in Various Sectors - Kandukuri Sai Chetana Reddy
05 Competency Development Framework for Career Readiness - Mrs. A.V. Lakshmi Brinda and M. Pavitrambika
06 A Study on Work-life Balance of Faculties of Selected Colleges in Hyderabad - Ms. Deepa J.
07 Conflict Resolution and Role Satisfaction among Corporate Employees - Atulya Gangaraju
08 A Study on Willingness to Communicate and Tolerance for Disagreement in Employees Working at BPOs - Ounnathya Vasili
09 A Study on Work-life Balance of the Employees in the Field of Education - Dr. K. Veena Latha
10 Empirical Evidence on Factors Influencing Virtual Teams – A Multi-level Perspective - Dr. K. Sunanda
11 Perceived HRM Practices and Organizational Commitment in Nepali Banking Sector: Mediating Role of Person-Organization Fit - Ms. Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Prof. A. Suryanarayana
12 Perceived HRM Practices as a Potential Antecedent to Organizational Commitment (Building a Conceptual Framework using Empirical and Theoretical Literature) - Ms. Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Prof. A. Suryanarayana
13 Concepts and Constructs in the Domain of HRIS: A Literature Review - Ms. Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Prof. A. Suryanarayana
14 Psychological Perspectives on Organizational Behaviour: Developing a Theoretical Framework to Ensure Psychological Well-being of Employees - Dr. Ch. Chaitanya
15 Employee Engagement: A Comparative Study of the Select Public and Private Banks - S. Swapna
16 A Study on Knowledge Management at BSNL - Dr. Rakhee Renapurkar
17 Virtual Teams in Organization - A. Mary Francina
18 A Study on Rights and Responsibilities of Employees – A Case Study of Care Hospitals at Hyderabad - Mrs. A. Danam Tressa and Ms. Alphonsa
19 A Study on Impact of HR Practices on Employee Retention - A. Mary Francina and Anuli Peesara
20 Quality of Work-life: New Dimensions from Employee Perspective - Dr. Gajanethi Swathi Kumari
21 Work-life Balance – A Case Study Analysis at NASR School, Khairthabad, Hyderabad - Mrs. A. Danam Tressa and B. Srihitha
01 A Study on Consumer Perception in the Selection of Taxicab Services - Ch. Kavya
02 Reshapping the Marketing World with AI - K. Laxmi Madhuri
03 Kerala Needs Us! – A Study on the Success of Cause Marketing Adopted by Paytm - Gisa George and Ancy John
04 A Study on Consumer Holiday Purchase Intentions during the Christmas Eve with Reference to Hyderabad - Dr. R. Sampath Kumar
05 Impact of Green Marketing on the Purchase Behaviour of Generation Y - Rashi Mathur
06 Generation Z Preferences in Branded Fashion: A Study - Dr. Nagunuri Srinivas
07 Brands as Moral Compass – Issues and Perspectives - A. Ramesh
08 Online Shopping – Factors Influencing Consumer's Purchase Behaviour - Soujanya Mattapally
09 Green Marketing and Sustainable Development - Neha Raghuvanshi
10 A Study on Impact of Embedding Business Intelligence on Marketing Mix - Harriet Jesvina
11 Perceptual Marketing Understanding the Psychology of the Customer - Soumya Mehul
12 A Comparative Study on Ola and Uber - Swaroop Tiwari
13 A Study on Impact of Mobile Advertising on Consumer Purchase Decision - Mrs. A. Danam Tressa and Mr. Manoj Kumar Bhosale
14 A Study on Impact of Social Media Marketing on Buying Decision of Generation Z Customers - Tanmay V. Gala and A. Mary Francina
01 Gender Equality and Youth Identity in Digital Age - Mrs. Padmasri and Mrs. Hemalatha Vanam
02 Opportunities and Challenges for Start-ups in India - Mahrin Unnisa
03 English the Lingua-Franca of Global Business - Mrs. Angela Christina and Mrs. K. Sangeetha Bharat
04 A Study on the Preference of B.Com. Undergraduates towards Higher Studies and Employment - Mr. N. Chandan Babu and Mrs. Varala Ashwini
05 Business and Professional Ethics – The Indian Ethos with Special Reference to Kautilya's Arthashastra - Aparna Rajhans and Budhapalli Prashant
06 A Study on Role of Children in Family Purchasing Decisions - Ms. N. Ravali
07 Entrepreneurial Role Stress and Psychological Needs among Women Working in Corporate and Non-corporate Sectors - Alice Abhinaya
08 Pre- and Post-Start-up India Women Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Prospects - Pooja Kalla
09 Micro and Macro Organizational Approaches in Stress Management - Dr. Sarah Thomas and Dr. Sr. Marry Kutty, P.J.
10 Stress Management at Workplace - M. Radha and Dr. R. Venkateswara Rao
11 Indian Women in Workforce - Dr. Jayasheela
12 Social Entrepreneurship – A Pathway for Economic Growth and Sustainability - Prof. R. Nageswer Rao and Rev. Fr. Dr. D. Sunder Reddy
01 Lean Management in Hospital Billing - Dr. D. Shreedevi
02 Implementing Total Quality Management: The Annite Way – A Case Study - Dr. T. Diana Jacob and Mrs. P. Sindhu Bhavani
03 A Six Sigma Approach to Billing in Hospitals - M. Krishna Kartheek
01 Artificial Intelligence in Business Development Process - Mr. R. Arjuna Rao and Dr. V.V.R. Raman
02 Impact of Technology on Entrepreneurship - T. Radhika
03 Controlling Home Automation System Based on Wireless Sensor Network using Cellphone - Rajani B and Shalini A.
04 Role of Cyber Security in Industry 4.0 - Hari Prasada Rao J.
05 Smart Parking System using M2M communication in IoT - Mr. Om Prakash Yadav
06 A Study on Information Technology (IT) and ITes Policies in Telangana towards Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship - M. Bikshapathi
07 A Study on Impact of Internet of Things on Business - Mrs. K. Jesmy Thomas
08 Benefits of Implementing Cloud Technologies in Logistics Industry - V. Subrahmanya Ramamurty
09 Impact of People Analytics for Sustainability of Organization - Shreya S. Hundiwala and Akshintha M.
10 Digital Currency: Challenges and Impacts in India - Mrs. P. Madhuri Paul and Mr. Ch. V.S.R. Pavan Kumar
11 The Rise in Automation and Interconnection of Computing Devices: An Analysis and Study of the Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Modern Computing Devices - Taha Mujeeb and Sarah Ayoub
12 A Study on Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Operations - G. Ashrita
13 Blockchain – An Aid to Supply Chain Management - P. Saranya
14 Application of Robotics in Manufacturing - B. Anish

About The Author

Rev. Fr. Dr. D. Sunder Reddy is presently the Principal of St. Josephs Degree & PG College, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He has above ten years of experience in leading Higher Education Institutions. He was the Principal of St. Marys Centenary Degree College, Secunderabad for six years from 2012-2018. His qualifications include MBA, M.A. in English, M.Phil. and Ph.D. He completed his Doctorate in English Language Teaching from JNTUH.

Dr. R. Anita is presently Associate Professor & Dean, Academics in Department of Business Management, St. Josephs Degree & PG College, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. She has 14 years of teaching experience and 4 years of industry experience. Her qualifications include B.E. and MBA from Osmania University. She was awarded Doctorate in HR by O.U., Hyderabad in 2017. She qualified in UGC-NET and AP&TS-SET too. Presented: 30 papers, Published: 25 papers.

Dr. Vandana Samba is an Associate Professor, Department of Business Management at St. Josephs Degree & PG College, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. She has 15 years of teaching experience. Her educational qualifications includes B.Com. (Hons.), MBA and UGC NET qualified in Finance in 2004 and received Doctorate in Business Management in Finance from O.U. in 2013. To her credit, she published various articles at national and international level. Presented: 45 papers, Published: 54 papers.

Dr. Nagunuri Srinivas is an Associate Professor and Placement Officer, Department of Business Management at St. Josephs Degree & PG College, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He has 13 years of teaching and 1 Year of industry experience. His educational qualifications include BCA, MBA in Marketing and HR M.Phil. and Ph.D. in the area of Marketing from O.U, Hyderabad in 2015. He has a wide range of expertise in organizing and conducting various student skill development programs. Presented: 20 papers, Published: 8 papers.

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