Organisation Development Interventions on Work Practices in Institut Superieur Pedagogique De Gitwe (ISPG) in Ruhango, Rwanda, East African Community

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This book deals with organisation development interventions on work practices within Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe (ISPG) located in Ruhango District, Southern Province, Rwanda. These organisation development interventions are planned actions or events intended to help an organisation or an Institution to increase its effectiveness. In our case we have evaluated the said above higher learning institution using the comparison between pre-intervention and post-intervention activities.

The purpose of this research study was to evaluate the effects of organisation development interventions on work practices in ISPG before and after implementation of the planned interventions which were seven facets: customer satisfaction; staff motivation; communication within ISPG; teamwork and quality service; commitment of all employees; interpersonal relationship, and mutual respect; and conflict management.

Developing the relationship through effective communication and mutual respect resulted in increasing sociability between employees and work practices automatically increase within any Institution, and considerably reduce the internal / external conflict among them.

Effective monitoring of employee work performance encourages communication, teamwork and commitment within Institution or organisation in the workplace, increases employee engagement and helps teachers / workers meet their work objectives towards the students, clients or other stakeholders.

The success of any Institution is depending upon how its employees are well understood and considered for their efforts to build the best future of it by their authorities or leaders. Successful leadership with organisation development interventions on work practices is connected with passion and vision of the future and not with the formal position in the Institution.


Contents -

1. The Challenge
2. The Research Focus
3. The Research Design
4. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

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Hakizimana Philippe´╗┐

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