Philosophy of Education

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About The Book

A researcher's choice of a topic is often guided by her/his personal disposition and academic conditioning. Selecting a topic for investigation is not a detached process. It is not the act of sheer intellectual, dispassionate, exercise, but rather it is a result of personal sensitivity, passion and conviction. The myth of so-called value free selection of research topic has been disputed by social scientists long ago. It is now acknowledged that a researcher chooses to probe an area because she/he has a predisposition which draws her/him towards a particular area of investigation. As such, choosing a topic for research definitely has a subjective dimension. This subjective dimension is to be considered positively and this subjectivity precisely initiates raw curiosity about a particular topic.

A kind of thought journey was undertaken by me, to understand the saga of Indian education in the paradigm of philosophy of education. Conceptual analysis of key constructs like education, aims, methods, etc. is done with the intention to interpret present educational experience and existing National Policy on Education (NPE). How the present NPE is evolved is considered through speculations on different philosophies and exciting trajectory of modern Indian education through study of different commissions and reports. The thought journey has culminated into speculations about how national education should be today and why it should be that way.


Contents -

1. Philosophy of Education
2. Kaleidoscopic View of Education – from The Lens of ISMs
3. An Overview of Indian Education with Special Reference to Modern ERA
4. Successive Commissions and Committees of Education in India – Post -Independence
5. Towards a Pragmatic Education Policy
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About The Author

Dr. Suchitra Ashish Naik is presently (since March, 2017) Principal (I/C) of VPMs (Thane), K.G. Joshi College of Arts and N.G. Bedekar College of Commerce, Thane affiliated to University of Mumbai (UoM). She is an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the college and has long standing teaching, counselling and research experience spread over nearly two-and-a-half decades. Her key contributions include teaching philosophy to undergraduate and postgraduate students of UoM. She is a counsellor to several teenage students. In addition, she is a committee member of Marathi Sanshodhan Mandal, a co-opted member of the Board of Studies in philosophy, logic and a resource person at UGC HRD Centre of UoM. Further, she has published papers at state, national and international level journals. Dr. Naik holds a first class (rank holder) Bachelors and Masters degrees in Arts in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from UoM. The theme of her Ph.D. thesis was Philosophy of Education. In addition, she has a PG Diploma in Counselling and Child Guidance in which she stood first at the SNDT University (2005) and is a Ph.D. Guide in Philosophy of UoM. This work Philosophy of Education is based on her Ph.D. Thesis.

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