Songs of Water

ISBN Number : 978-93-5367-454-0

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Student Dollar Price : 10$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2019

No. Of Pages : 160

Book Weight :116

About The Book

Since ages, humans are inspired by the journey of water towards its destiny with endurance, and a purpose. Tinkling, roaring, dancing, and sometimes silently, a mighty river flows down into an ocean. Through generations, stories about greatness of water are passed down in the form of songs or folklore.

'Songs of Water' is one such story about the journey of Patil Sisters – Megha and Suhani, who live in drought-ridden Nandgaon. Both of them dream to live amidst water. While Megha vows to challenge the situation, Suhani believes in realizing her dream by any means. Will they realize their dreams? 

An inspirational story, with a slice of life, 'Songs of Water' delves into, how human aspirations can bring transformational changes.


Contents -

Fold 1: Tinkling Rivulets
Fold 2: Roaring Rivers
Fold 3: Mystic Confluence
Poem: The Raindrops on My Roof

About The Author

Rakhi Sunil Kumar - Songs of Water is Rakhis third fiction after Dancing Mirrors and Bougainvillea Anywhere Everywhere. Her fictions are a splash of imagination interwoven with a pinch of reality, taking readers to a completely different realm. Human emotions and relationships are the underlying theme of her stories.

An IT consultant by profession, Rakhi is married to Sunil whom she credits for her journey into the world of writing.

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