Introduction to International Business

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Introduction to International Business – In its First edition introduces the undergraduate and the postgraduate students to the emerging and challenging field of international business. This is an introductory textbook of International Business with the primary objective of enabling students to acquire and develop knowledge and basic understanding of the concepts and problems of international business in general. This book provides a thorough understanding about domestic business vis-a-vis international business operations, the mode of entering the global markets and surviving in the long-run. It attempts to provide an overview of the international bodies, agreements, treaties and their contribution in developing international trade. The book gives detailed explanation about the functioning and importance of Regional Groupings and Emphasizing the roles they play in enhancing international business. Subsequently, it presents the role played by the International Financial Institutions in providing financial assistance for expansion of trade all over the world.

This book attempts to present the subject in a simple, lucid and logical manner for the students to grasp easily. Suitable tables and diagrams have been used wherever required for better explanation to the target audience.

This book is best suited to all the students of undergraduate and postgraduate level of B.Com, B.Com (Hons.), BBA, MBA and M.Com.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. International Business Entry Strategies
3. Multinational Corporation
4. The Changing Environment of International Business
5. GATT & World Trade Organisation
6. Regional Blocks
7. International Economic Forums
8. National Financial Institutions
9. International Financial Institutions
10. Export Houses and Export Assistance
11. Foreign Direct Investment
12. Foreign Trade Policy
13. Globalization and Privatization
14. Portfolio Investment
15. Future Trends in International Business

About The Author

Dr. Bimal Jaiswal, Assistant Professor in Department of Applied Economics, Faculty of Commerce, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. At present he is also Director of two flagships Management Programme of Lucknow University i.e., MBA (International Business) and BBA (International Business). He did his post-graduation and Ph.D. in International Business. He has teaching and research experience of eleven years. He has contributed in many research journals and participated in many national and international level seminars.

Dr. Richa Banerjee -

Department of Business Administration

University of Lucknow.

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