Dynamics of Entrepreneurship

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About The Book

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy as a high majority of jobs are created by and through with what started as a small idea. By integrating entrepreneurship in the education system, young people can build the confidence to see value in their own ideas. In addition, todays world with its burgeoning population offers limited avenues of employment. This makes entrepreneurship all the more necessary.

Entrepreneurship is an important facet of industrial growth and development of a nation. It is the backbone of a nation that sets its eyes on maximizing its performance in every field. The spirit of entrepreneurship brings about enthusiasm, persistence and the ability to seek entrepreneurial opportunities that lead to success.

Entrepreneurship as an economic tool is vital for national development and for solving many social problems. It fosters economic growth and prosperity of a country. Apart from providing jobs for skilled workforce, entrepreneurship will contribute the tax revenue to the governments. It also promotes research and development, thereby resulting in creation of new technology and innovative goods and services, thereby increasing productivity. Entrepreneurship creates competition to develop and produce qualitative products at competitive prices. Hence, it increases the demand for goods and services. Entrepreneurs act as the change agents in the market economy.

A nations ability to generate a steady stream of business opportunities can only happen when its people take up entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurs are essentially the engines of growth for a nation. There are several factors that go into making a successful entrepreneur, and he or she need not necessarily possess a strong business and financial background. On the contrary, well-conceived and well-directed training can always produce an outstanding entrepreneur.

Governments play a crucial role in nurturing entrepreneurship. Unregulated entrepreneurship may lead to unwanted social outcomes including unfair market practices, corruption, financial crisis and the like.

Entrepreneurship does not emerge and grow spontaneously. Rather, it is dependent upon several economic, social, political and psychological factors. These environmental factors have both positive and negative influences on the growth of entrepreneurship. In order to take advantage of the positive effects of the entrepreneurship, there is a dire need for promotion of entrepreneurship education. The entrepreneurship education should focus on developing risktaking ability, accountability, leadership skills and the like.


Contents -

1. Make in India: A Boon to Entrepreneurship - Dr. A.C. Pramila & H.R. Arpitha
2. Indian Organic Market: A New Horizon of Opportunities and Growth for Entrepreneurs - Dr. Aisha M. Sheriff & Sadia Tabassum
3. Paradigm Shift in Indian Entrepreneurship Development through Skillpreneurship - Dr. B. Ravi Shankar
4. Role of Micro and Small Enterprises in the Economic Development of Hassan District - Dr. H.E. Savithri
5. Creating Startup and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Tier-2 and Tier-3 Cities - Dr. H.R. Mahadevaswamy & K.S. Mallesh Kumar
6. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and its Components in the Life Cycle of Startups in India - Dr. S. Manju
7. A Study on Green Entrepreneurship with Special Reference to Infosys, Mysuru - Dr. V. Ramesha
8. A Secondary Data Analysis on the Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship in India (2010-2018) - G. Ramacharan & U. Aparna
9. Conceptual Framework of Youth Entrepreneurship - C. Divya
10. Empowering Employment through Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach - H.A. Anusha
11. Entrepreneurial Attitude among the Graduates in Sagar Taluk of Shivamogga District - K.S Mithila
12. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: An Overview of an Internet Entrepreneur's Ecosystem - M.N. Suraj & N.G. Lokesh
13. Role of Government for the Development of Entrepreneurship in India - M. Shivaswamy
14. A Study on India's Efforts in Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation - R.S. Sandeep & K. Pramod
15. Entrepreneurship Potentiality among Tribal People: A Study in Joida Taluk - S.N. Nitin & Anjan A. Kaikini
16. Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Industry - S. Nikshitha & S.S. Yashaswi Bhat
17. Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in Indian Banking Industry - Shama E. Milton
18. An Analytical Study of Government Initiatives for Entrepreneurship Development in India: A Special Reference to Startup India - T.R. Girish
19. An Overview of Recent Policy Reforms for Entrepreneurship Development in India - Yogesha & B.G. Viswanatha Setty
20. An Empirical Study on Promoting Women Entrepreneurship: A Case Study with Special Reference to AWAKE, Bengaluru - Dr. Alure Gowda & H.J. Nikhitha
21. Role of Women Entrepreneurship in India towards Development of Various Sectors - Dr. K. Deepak & R. Sowjanya
22. Microfinance: A Tool to Empower Women Entrepreneurship - Dr. K. Lakshmisha & S. Sujatha
23. Role of Banking Industry in Women Entrepreneurship - Dr. R. Supriya
24. Women Entrepreneurship Development in India: A Sustainable Approach for Women Empowerment - Dr. Suguna Basavaraj
25. Women Entrepreneurship in Service Industry - A.C. Anusha & H.S. Anusha
26. A Study on Women Empowerment with Special Reference to Women Entrepreneurship in Thrissur District, Kerala - Alagra Antony & P.S. Aslam
27. Women Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Sector with Special Reference to Kodagu District - Arshaq Habib
28. Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Development - H.N. Harish & B.P. Jagadheesha
29. Obstacles for the Women Entrepreneurship Development in India - H.V. Prashanth Jain, B. Jamuna Rani
30. Gender Discrimination in Entrepreneurship and What Makes a Successful Women Entrepreneur - Kanakavalli K. Kundury & Fouziya Farhana
31. Women Entrepreneurship: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in India - Merwin Pinto
32. Rural Women Entrepreneurship: A Change Agent in the Modern Society - P. Beena & B.S. Shashwathi
33. Women Entrepreneurship in India P. Nandan
34. A Study on Women Entrepreneurship in India - S. Tanuja
35. A Study on Microfinance for Women Empowerment - W. Arun Devapura
36. A Study on Rural Entrepreneurship Development - Dr. B.C. Ravi & G.S. Vimala
37. A Conceptual Framework on Issues and Challenges of Rural Entrepreneurship in India - Dr. V. Poornima
38. Rural Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges in India - A.G. Kaveriamma
39. Rural Entrepreneurship with Special Reference to Kodagu District - H.C. Chethan
40. Rural Entrepreneurship in India: Growth, Opportunities and Development Programmes - H.N. Ashalatha & Dr. N.A. Dharshini
41. Agro-based Entrepreneurship in Kodagu District with Special Focus on Honey and Homemade Wine Business - K.B. Shobha
42. Rural Entrepreneurship by Empowered Women: A Study in Sagar - K.L. Mayoora Kumar
43. A Study on Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Rural Development - M. Keerthi
44. Major Problems and Challenges in Rural Entrepreneurship - R. Raja Rajeshwari & B. Lokesha
45. Rural Entrepreneurship: A Significant Role in Development of the Indian Economy - V. Monisha & N.K. Vibhashree
46. Concernment of Social Entrepreneurship in India - Dr. B. Harshavardhana & H.G. Guruprasad
47. Social Entrepreneurship: Challenges in India - Dr. G.H. Mahadevaswamy & G. Shyamala
48. Conceptual Framework of Social Entrepreneurship - Dr. P. Paramashivaiah & M.S. Sanmathi
49. Social Entrepreneurship in India: An Overview - CMA T.R. Trinesha & S.L. Shankar
50. A Study on the Problems and Prospects of Social Entrepreneurship - K.P. Harikrishnan
51. Social Entrepreneurship: A Success Factor towards Rural Women Development - N.R. Rohith & B.N. Purushothamma
52. Social Entrepreneurship: Emergence, Challenges and Opportunities in India - Shiny Moses

About The Author

Dr. P.M. Shiva Prasad, a well-known academician in the Mysuru region, has served many reputed institutions of higher education. With his rich inter-disciplinary teaching experience, he has taught the students of various courses like M.Com., MFM, MBA, MDM and MCA. Besides publishing several articles in journals of national and international repute, he has presented many papers in national and international level conferences and seminars.

He has been invited by many institutions to deliver special lectures. He has organised many national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He has been awarded Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance as Convenor in Micro-Insurance Awareness and Enrollment Mission (MAEM) by the University of Mysore, Mysuru.

He is a post-graduate in the disciplines of Commerce, Management and Economics. He has been awarded doctorate for the research on Career Management by the University of Mysore. Presently, he is working as Assistant Professor and Head in the Post-Graduate Department of Commerce, Teresian College, Mysuru.

Dr. Veena M. D Almeida is an outstanding academician and an administrator. With rich experience of more than three decades, she is heading the esteemed Teresian College, Mysuru, as Principal. She has displayed the excellence in field of education by successfully managing the academic and administrative responsibilities bestowed on her.

She is a Master of Commerce from Mangalore University and has been awarded doctorate for the research on Entrepreneurship by the prestigious University of Mysore. She has successfully completed UGC sponsored Minor Research Project on entrepreneurial skills among undergraduates in relation to their curriculum.

She has published many articles in journals of national and international repute. She has presented many papers in national and international level conferences and seminars. She has organised many national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. She has also attended several faculty development programmes.

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