Engineering Economics

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Many colleges across the country have courses in engineering economics as a part of integrated studies for engineering students. Designed as a text book for undergraduate and postgraduate students in various engineering and management disciplines, this comprehensive book shows how complex economic decisions can be made from a number of given alternatives. It is the intent of this book to highlight various aspects of economics for the students in a way that maximizes learning, as well as emphasize its importance for the modern engineer. Various topics are covered both from micro and macro economics, such that hones the decision making skills of the students in the real practical world. The chapters are arranged logically and written in a flexible modular format. Each chapter is explained conceptually in a simplistic language followed by application based examples and solved numerical problems. At the end of each chapter, there are subjective, objective and numerical questions for further practice. This book, which is profusely illustrated with worked-out examples and diagrams, should prove extremely useful in providing a strong fundamental base for economics.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Economics and Engineering Economics
2. Basic Concepts in Economics
3. Demand and Supply Analysis
4. Elasticity of Demand and Supply
5. Demand Forecasting
6. Production Analysis
7. Cost Analysis
8. Break-even Analysis
9. Markets
10. Investment Analysis
11. National Income
12. Inflation
13. Business Cycles
14. Monetary and Fiscal Policy

About The Author

Dr. Sumana Chatterjee is associated with the Department of Business Economics, The M.S. University of Baroda the last two decades. She did her Masters in Economics with specialization in Resource Economics, and subsequently, her doctorate in the area of International Business from The M.S. University of Baroda. Her research interests lie in the areas of Foreign Direct Investments, Sustainable Development and International Economic Structure.

She has been teaching various papers of economics to the engineering and commerce students at both graduate and postgraduate levels. She has also been invited as a visiting faculty at various academic institutes of repute. She has lectured extensively in diverse aspects on Economics in her teaching career and her special interests include Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Economics, and Environmental Economics. She is an active member at various academic and administrative bodies of the University.

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