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Year of Publication : 2020

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About The Book

In this Biography and Entrepreneurial Leadership Book, and the making of ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd., Silvers are the people whom Mr. K.L. Chugh (KLC) developed as a part of establishing ITC BPL (now christened – ITC PSPD – Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division), which celebrated its silver jubilee year during 2004-05 and now heading towards Golden Jubilee in 2029. They are the Golds for the Chughs. Their association and experience in building Bhadrachalam under the stewardship of KLC are captured in this book to showcase the practice of Entrepreneurial Leadership in building this great enterprise as India’s largest manufacturers of Paperboards and Specialty papers.

This book is about Entrepreneurship and Leadership development practiced, beyond books, during the annals of the BPL under the leadership of KLC. Hailed as one of the most successful and fastest paper projects in the world, BPL has many lessons to offer to the younger generation. Such lessons are brought out succinctly in various chapters in this book through appropriate live examples and exciting case studies for the discerning minds. These case studies also highlight the Social Work and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that went hand-in-hand with BPL saga which is so unique and worth understanding.

Another interesting feature of this book is the exemplary work done under the stewardship of Mrs. Kamal Chugh, be it The Bhadrachalam Mahila Samithi works, The BPL School or The Divya Chaya Trust and other welfare organizations whose contributions added a silver lining to the Farm Forestry, Social Forestry and massive plantation schemes undertaken by the company under the leadership of KLC – the real CSR work – when the corporate world in India seldom thought of CSR except a few. This demonstrated that a company, like a fish, has to thrive in the waters around it. Thus, BPL envisioned socio-economic well-being and social upliftment, skill development and empowerment of people and its environment as its basic responsibility besides its business.


Contents -

1: K.L. Chugh – Leadership Development at BPL
2: Mrs. Kamal Chugh – Leadership in Mahila Samithi
3: Childhood Impact on Later Life – K.L. Chugh: A Comparative Study of Early Childhood and Impact on Later Life
4: Leadership Development in BPL – The Case of a Slumdog Millionaire from Burgumpad Village
5: BPL – The Origins
6: Leadership Development at Mills – The Beginning of Production at BPL
7: Leadership Development in Safety Engineering – BPL
8: Leadership Development in Forestry and Plantations at BPL
9: Leadership Development in Marketing at BPL
10: Leadership Development in Finance, Accounts and Investment at BPL
11: Leadership Development Concepts in Practice at BPL
12: Memoirs of BPL Leaders
13: Leadership Development Reflected in Awards and Honours
14: The Future
Annexures and Exhibits

About The Author

Dr. V. Barla

Dr. V. Barla is B.Tech. from NIT Warangal, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and LLB from Osmania University.

Dr. V. Barla has 22 years of industrial experience where he participated in creation of Terapak for Milk Packaging and Corrugated Packaging Development for Apple Packaging, while working with ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards and International Paper Inc. USA (AP Paper Mills). This has also resulted in his writing of a master classic on “Paper for Printing and Packaging” which is acclaimed as the best book in India and in this segment.

World Bank/IFC team through Orient Paper, approved him for taking over as “Director – Marketing” for IFC Funded – Pan African Paper Mills collaborated by Government of Kenya and Birlas of India. After this assignment covering the countries in Africa, Egypt, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, he returned to India and thought of a mid-life career shift to academics and research since year 2004.

In academics, Dr. Barla submitted his research works to the Department of Business Management, Osmania University, Hyderabad where he was awarded an assessment certificate in the year 2009. He was awarded DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) for his doctoral research by Adam Smith University of America. Later, he did his LLB from Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Dr. Barla has published exemplary works in international and national journals, as the M.Phil. and Ph.D. research guide under Nagarjuna University, Guntur, AP, Alagappa University, IGNOU among others. Scholars registered under him have been awarded M.Phil. and Ph.D.

The Universal Peace Federation under the auspices of UNO have awarded Dr. Barla the international award “Ambassador of Peace” in education category. The Best Teacher Awards and Best Administrator Awards followed from the field level institutions.

Further, Dr. V. Barla headed the establishment of Sanvi PG College for Women at Hyderabad as the first Principal under Osmania University in 2009. His was Director of Indo-American Engineering College which was adjudged the best in coastal Andhra by the American Consulate, Hyderabad for visa awareness mission spearheaded by Dr. Barla. He was the Group Director at Sanskrithi Group of Institutions, AP. He is currently with MCC, Chennai on a special assignment of setting up a world-class B-School and has widely travelled in UK for collaborations from universities like Livepool Hope University, UK.

With all his rare achievements, Dr. Barla is a simple, down-to-earth and a 24x7 working professional with ageless body and timeless mind.

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