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About The Book

We have great pleasure in placing this book "Zoology" for B.Sc. Zoology first semester students. This book has been compiled exclusively as per the new semester wise CBCS pattern syllabus of Gondawana University, Gadchiroli which will implement from June-2017.

The main intend of writing this book is to present the subject matter in a concise and easily understandable form keeping in view the basic need of the students. It's our effort to make available an authentic and syllabus oriented standard study material for the students and teachers.


Contents -

Paper I
Animal Diversity of Non-Chordate (Protozoa to Annelida)
1.1. Protozoa: General characters and classification up to classes;
Locomotory Organelles and locomotion.
1.2. Paramecium: Nutrition and Reproduction.
1.3. Porifera General characters and classification up to classes.
1.4. Sycon: Structure, Histology of body wall and canal System.
2.1. Cnidaria: General characters and classifaction up to classes.
2.2. Obelia: Structure and life cycle of Polymorphism in Hydrozoa.
2.3. Hydra: Alternation of generation, Locomotion and Nutrition Nematocyst.
2.4. Coral reef.
3.1. Platyhelminthes: General characters and classification up to classes.
3.2. Taenia solium: Structure and Life history.
3.3. Fasciola hepatica: Structure and Life history.
3.4. Phylum Nemathelminthes: General characters and classification up to classes.
3.5. Ascaris lumbricoides: Structure and Life history and its parasitic adaptions
4.1. Annelida: General characters and classification up to classes.
4.2. Hirudinaria: External morphology, Digestive system, Excretory system, Nervous system, Reproductive system, Copulation, Fertilization and Cocoon formation.
4.3. Metamerism in Annelida.

Paper II
Cell Biology
1.1. Theory of Life-Cell theory, Protoplasmic theory, Organismal theory.
1.2. Structure of Prokaryotic Cell.
1.3. Structure of Eukaryotic Cell.
1.4. Biological membrane-chemical COmposition, Sandwich Model.
1.5. Fluid Mosaic Model.
1.6. Functions of Plasma Membrane.
2.1. Nucleus- Ultrastructure and functions
2.2. Nucleolus- Structure and Functions.
2.3. Chromosome- Structure, Types and Structure of Nucleosome.
2.4. Giant Chromosome- Lampbrush and Polytne Chromosome.
3.1. Mitochondria- Ultrastructure and functions.
3.2. Gycolysis and Kreb's cycle
3.3. Electron Transport Mechanism and Oxidative Phosphorylation.
3.4. Golgi COmplex- Ultrastructure, Type and Functions.
4.1. Lysosome- Ultrastructure and function
4.2. Polymorphism in Lysosomes.
4.3. Ribosome-Ultrastructure (Lake's Model) and Types.
4.4. Biogenesis of Ribosome.
4.5. Polyribosome.
4.6. Function of ribosome.
4.7. Cell Cycle- Mitosis.
4.8. Meiosis
4.9. Synaptonemal Complex

About The Author

Dr. Pankaj R. Chavan- M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D working as Assistant Professor and Head in the Deparment of Zoology in Shri Sadguu Saibaba Science and Commerce College, Ashti, Dist Gadchiroli, Maharastra, India. He is teaching to B.Sc for more then eight years. He has good academic record and received Younge Scientist award at UGC sponsored national confeence. He has also publish moe then 10 international reserch papers in the reputed journal and has also published two internatinal books. He is recognized supervisorr for Ph.D. in Zoology,Godwana University,Gadchiroli.

Dr. Deepak S. Bansod- working as Assistant Professor and Head in Deparment of Zoology at Shri. Govindrao Munghate Arts and Science college, Kurkheda Dist. Gadchiroli. He has seven, years teaching experience at undergraduate level. Having good academic record, the author has done Ph.D. from Nagpur Univesity, Nagpur and recognised as supervisor for Ph.D. in subject Zoology under science faculty of Godwana University, Gadchiroli. His area of specialization in Cell Biology and Genetics. He has published six research papers in recognised national and international journals and also presented six papers in verious conferences.

Dr. Sanyogita R. Verma -
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Asst. Professor Dept. of Zoology
Anand Niketan College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Anandwan, Warora, Dist. Chandrapur
Email: [email protected]

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