Zoology (Gondwana Univ)

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About The Book

We have great pleasure in placing this book "Zoology" for B.Sc. Zoology fifth semester students.This book has been completed exclusively as per the CBSC pattern syllabus and Disciplinr Specific Electives (DSE) core subject for B.Sc. III year students of Gondwana University, Gadchiroli.

The present syllabus of fifth semester made as per the UGC norms. In this syllabus pattern there are Discipline Specific Electives (DSE) subjects are the core papers and Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) along with DSE. Students have to choose two DSE papers out of four along with one SEC subject. Syllabus is framed to improve the quality and skills of the students with all respect. The new framework of syllabus is quite precise and valuable to the students. The main purpose of writing this book is to present the subject matter in a concise and easily understandable form centralizing the basic need of the students. It's our effort to make available an authentic and syllabus oriented standard study material for the students and teachers. The material presented here is based on author's experience and lecture notes, prepared from time to time.

This book includes-

Paper - II : Animal Biotechnology Discipline Specific Electives (DSE) (Core Paper XIV)

Topic wise precise presentation according to paper question pattern is the exclusive features of this book. Several necessary and illustrative diagrams have been included in the text which help students to understand and grasp the idea quickly and easily.


Contents -

Unit I
1. Concepts and scope of biotechnology.
2. Scope of animal cell and tissue culture
3. Types of media for animal cell and tissue culture.
4. Sterilization techniques (Chemical and physical sterilization).
5. Advantages and disadvantages of tissue culture.
Unit II
1. Cloning vectors: Plasmids, Cosmids, Phagemids, Bacteriophage, BAC, YAC and MAC.
2. Construction of genomic and cDNA libraries and screening by colony and plaque hybridization.
3. Southern, Northen and Western blotting; DNA sequencing: Sanger method.
4. Polymerase Chain Reaction
5. DNA Finger Printing and DNA micro array
Unit III
1. Gene transfer methods in Animals- Direct gene transfer (Microinjection, Embryonic stem cell gene t

About The Author

Dr. Deepak S. Bansod- working as Assistant Professor and Head in Deparment of Zoology at Shri. Govindrao Munghate Arts and Science college, Kurkheda Dist. Gadchiroli. He has seven, years teaching experience at undergraduate level. Having good academic record, the author has done Ph.D. from Nagpur Univesity, Nagpur and recognised as supervisor for Ph.D. in subject Zoology under science faculty of Godwana University, Gadchiroli. His area of specialization in Cell Biology and Genetics. He has published six research papers in recognised national and international journals and also presented six papers in verious conferences.

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