ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-328-8

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 80

Book Weight :128

About The Book

Poetry explains the inexplicable. It can make everything bleed blue with the blue in the poet`s chest and it can also green everything like monsoon winds with the help of the poet`s cheerful vivid imaginations. `Footloosenink` is a word coined by the poet himself to describe a state of oblivion and trance, a state where one, through the medium of writing, cuts off from this palace of illusions till he realizes that the only thing which is true is `I, Me and Myself`. Most of the poems in this anthology were written in such a state and they revolve around varied themes. Some explain the moral dilemmas and humdrums of day to day life; some are philosophical musings while others are romantic lays.


Contents :

1. The Light That Guides Me
2. I, Me, Myself
3. Plodding through the Forest
4. Because You Too Weep
5. Deeper Than a Drunkard?s Goblet
6. Super-tramp
7. Prisoner of War
8. Sadistic Duo
9. Robinhood
10. Three Friends
11. Fog
12. Perfect City
13. Without an Apology
14. Bitter Truth
15. The House
16. You
17. Autumn
18. Four Letter Word
19. I Have not Given Up
20. Fatalist
21. Two Selves
22. The Master
23. Radius of My Horizon
24. The Stream
25. Folks
26. Conscience: A Luxury?
27. Colourless
28. Autumn Winds
29. Bodily Thirst
30. Grey in All Your Hues
31. An Ode to Road
32. Folklore of Mewar
33. Poets of Sweat, Blood and Tears
34. The Weeper
35. The Whore
36. Star-crossed
37. The Promise
38. The Race
39. You Too Were No Different
40. Prithviraj Chauhan (Part-I)
41. Prithviraj Chauhan (Part-II)
42. Sunday
43. The Dark Corner
44. The Beggar
45. There are Things Money Cannot Buy
46. We are Still Called Humans

About The Author

Prakhar Gupta was born and brought up in Jaipur. He did his schooling from Saint Xavier’s School, Jaipur and is currently pursuing law from National Law School, Bangalore. Apart from brooding and penning his thoughts down in the form of verse, he also likes strumming his acoustic guitar and composing songs. A voracious reader, a foodie and a loner, he likes to think too much about the complications, moral dilemmas and banalities of day to day life.

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