Banking and Financial Services

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

India has experienced an economic transformation since the liberalization process began in the early nineties. In the last few years, with a soaring stock market, significant foreign inflow of funds and a rapidly developing financial service market, the Indian financial system has been witnessing an exciting era of transformation and developing a more contemporary outlook. The Government of India has helped in this development by introducing reforms to liberalize, regulate and enhance the country`s financial services sector. Today, India is recognized as one of the world`s most vibrant capital markets. Notwithstanding the challenges, the sector`s future seems to be in good hands.

In this book, an attempt is made to provide a comprehensive outlook of banking and financial services in India. The book is divided into fourteen chapters dealing with different segments of banking and financial services sector. The first chapter provides an overview of Indian financial system. The next three chapters cover central banking and commercial banking activities in India. The remaining chapters provide an overview of different financial services such as merchant banking, credit rating, Insurance, housing finance, debt securitization, venture capital financing, depository services, mutual funds, leasing, etc. In short, the book covers the entire gamut of banking and financial services.

The noteworthy highlight of the book is its wide coverage of contemporary topics, comprehensible presentation and reader-friendly approach. The book is designed primarily for students of graduate and postgraduate courses in the area of Banking, Finance and Economics.


Contents :

1. An Overview Of Indian Financial System
2. Central Banking
3. Commercial Banking − I
4. Commercial Banking − II
5. The Securities And Exchange Board Of India (SEBI)
6. Merchant Banking
7. Mutual Funds
8. Venture Capital Financing
9. Housing Finance
10. Depository and Stockbroking Services
11. Securitization and Factoring Services
12. Leasing and Hire Purchase Finance
13. Credit Rating
14. Insurance Services

About The Author

N. Mukund Sharma - 


Surana P.G. Centre, Kengeri,


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