Child Psychology and Child Guidance

ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-043-0

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Book Edition : Sixth

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 276

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About The Book

The unique feature of this book is its collective authorship. A number of professionl psychiatrists and research psychologists, who have made a close study of the subject and who have been intimately associated with child psychology and child guidance in various institutions, have got together to present a comprehensive volume which offers not only theroretical knowledge but makes a practical approach to the problems that may be uncovered by a study of the subject.


Contents :

1. Nature of Child Psychology
2. Principles of Development
3. Role of Language
4. Intelligence and Imagination
5. Needs and Motives
6. Self and Personality
7. Psycho Sexual Development and Character-Development
8. Adjustment
9. Handicapped Children
10. Child Guidance
11. Behaviour Problem
12. Habit Disorders
13. Methods of Examination
14. Treatment
15. Summary and Future Trends

About The Author

S.V. Kale -

Head Department of Applied Psychology,

University of Mumbai, Mumbai.

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