Neuromarketing and its Applications

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

The science of marketing shows the incremental change, and the concept of neuroscience is widely accepted as it provides deeper insights into consumer behaviour. The emerging field of study, Neuromarketing, has become the turning point for many online retailers.The review is meant to introduce the readers to the growing area in marketing theory and practice. The applications of neuroscience are significant in addressing marketing and consumer behaviour research. It also introduces readers to the impact of Neuromarketing on market insights. The purpose of the book is to delve into the Neuromarketing in understanding the marketing campaigns of online retailers.

The book on Neuromarketing is written to present the pure form of a book on research. This book has referred a few books on Neuromarketing available in the market and tried to simplify the concepts. The book comprises four chapters in which the first chapter aims to address the significance of Neuromarketing in consumer behaviour. The second chapter elaborates on the use of unconscious drivers for Neuromarketing. Furthur, the third chapter focuses on the various Neuromarketing tools adopted by the companies for acheiving deep insights. Finally, the fourth chapter discuses the role of Neuromarketing in product design, advertising, and branding. Further, its role in online and offline shopping is explained.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Neuromarketing
2. Neuroscience and Consumer Thinking
3. Neuromarketing Methodologies
4. Applications of Neuromarketing
5. Neuromarketing Research in Action

About The Author

Dr. Surabhi Singh is Ph.D from AMU, AIDM, PGDBA-Marketing, MCA and M.Com and international certifications in Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing and Neuromarketing. with an experience of around 19.8 years in academics, industry, research, teaching, training and consultancy, she is currently associated with IMS Ghaziabad as Associate Professor-Marketing.

She is in the Editional Board of ABDC/Scopus indexed National and International Journals.With more than 35 FDPS/MDPs/Workshops/Conferences conducted, she has to her credit around 70 papers, cases, and articles published in International/National Journals/Publications and 9 books with National and International Publishing houses. Being an ardent researcher, she has presented research papers/cases at premier B-Schools in the global platforms.She has been active Guest speakers on different training sessions at private and public organizations in india. She has been an active member of various professional organizations. She has received around 20 awards and accolades in various national and international forums.She has been guiding doctoral students and examiners for many universities.

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