Case Studies in Business Management- Indian Perspective

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Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

Nowadays, different teaching pedagogies are used to impart training and education. Case study method has gained more popularity and is widely accepted in B-Schools and corporate trainings. In this book. we have made an effort to editing 30+ case studies to facilitate both teachers and students of management education.

Editing this book has been a lot of learning for us and we sincerely hope that the reader will get value out of it. We have tried to strike balance in presenting the concepts and applications both, of some of the new ideas.

Generally, most of the cases are developed with the help of data collected from interviews of officials and various sources like websites of respective companies, newspaper articles, academic journals, etc. Since case studies are widely used in management education, we hope that this new title will make a valuable contribution to widen the use of the case study method.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Case Method - Dr. Srinivasan R. Iyengar
2. Writing Teaching Notes - Dr. Sarika Mahajan
3. Hotstar Acquisition by Disney- Star in Galaxy Adding to Milky Way - Dr. Sadhana Kapote, Dr. R.K. Srivastava & Dr. Prashant Salwan
4. FedEx an Airline Giant- Internationalization Journey and Way Forward - Sagar S. Vasan, Dr. Chandrahauns R. Chavan & Dr. Prashant Salwan
5. Bigger than the Brand - Dr.Suvrashis Sarkar & Dr.Kavita Laghate
6. Yes Bank Ltd: What Went Wrong? - Dr. M.S. Devi & Dr.Sarika Mahajan
7. Will the Phoenix Rise Once Again BookMyShow Case? - Dr. Ashish Ambasta, Sahil Tayal & Dr. Prashant Salwan
8. GlobalGyan: Dilemma of Strategic Choices - CA Vinay Gudi & Dr. Ranjan Chaudhuri
9. Renaul KWID – Fractal Innovation - Dr. Ashutosh Gadekar & Dr. Srinivasan R. Iyengar
10. The Zoya Sparkle - Alka Purohit, Dr. Anil Pande & Dr. Ranjan Chaudhuri
11. B2B on Blockchain or Not? - Atul Arvind Patankar, Chandrahauns R. Chavan & Prof. Prashant Salwan
12. Innovalus Technologies – Reinventing Strategic Talent Acquisition - Dr. V. Selva Lakshmi, Dr. Durdana Ovais & Dr. R. Srinivasan
13. Transforming – Last Mile Digital Delivery - Dr. Roopali Srivastava & Dr. Ranjan Chaudhuri
14. Food on the Go – FoGo - Reema Shah & Dr. Kavita Laghate
15. M-Indicator - Surbhi Rathod & Dr. Kavita Laghate
16. Downfall of GMIPL - Ashish Bist & Dr. Ranjan Choudhury
17. v-shesh – Opportunity to Ambition - Kavita Mishra Pandey & Dr. Kavita Laghate
18. Taboo to Wellness: Toy or Treatment? - Vivek Sharma, Monika Chandel & Dr. R. Srinivasan
19. Yewale Amruttulya Tea - Dr. Swati Kulkarni & Dr. R. Srinivasan
20. Paani Foundation: A Case of Celebrity’s Social Endorsement - Dr. Pavan C. Patil & Dr. Kavita Laghate
21. Register the Growth – Anulom Way! - Ajit Navare & Dr. Prashant Salwan
22. Kalinga Institute of Social Science – A Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship Model - Dr. Sonali Senapati & Dr. Sarika Mahajan
23. Dilemma of a Young Manager! - Dr. Shajratul Dur Khan & Dr. Sarika Mahajan
24. How Jio Disrupted the Telecom Market? - Rishika Bhojwani & Dr. Ranjan Chowdhuri
25. Vegan Diet – Is it a Game Changer? - Swapnil Shah & Dr. R. Srinivasan
26. Punjab National Bank and Nirav Modi: Scammers of the Decade - Dr. Sarika Mahajan
27. Efficient Human Power – Road to Success - Savita Tilak & Dr. Kavita Laghate
28. LVMH: The Road Ahead… - Dr. Sandeep Bhanot, Dr. R.K. Srivastava & Dr. Srinivasan R. Iyengar
29. Srikem Laboratories – Ready for the Big League: A Case Study - Dr. Venkatesh Katgeri & Dr. R. Srinivasan
30. Spice it Up My Way – Emperor Akbar - Venkatesh Iyengar & Dr. Kavita Laghate
31. Biryani by Kilo: Aromas in the Clouds - Meera Tenguria & Dr. Srinivasan R. Iyengar
32. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Examining Critical Success Factors - Lawrence Fernandes, Shwet Kumar Pandey & Dr. Srinivasan. R. Iyengar
33. Breaking Traditional Walls through Modern Tools: A Case Study on Sukhibhava Foundation - Dr. Prachi Beriwala & Dr. Sarika Mahajan
34. Spend Analytics, Supplier Segmentation and Process Automation - C.G. Prakash & Dr. Kavita Laghate
35. Resourceful but Not Resourced: Solar Entrepreneur - Sachin Rele, Dr. Chandrahauns R. Chavan & Dr. Prashant Salwan

About The Author

Dr. Srinivasan R. Iyengar is an Associate Professor in the area of Strategy and Marketing at JBIMS, University of Mumbai having more than 20 years of experience in corporate, teaching, and research. He is also approved Ph.D. guide in the area of Management at University of Mumbai. He authored the book on Strategic Retail Management, Cases in Retail Management and Mall Management. He has published many articles, research papers, cases studies in national and international journals, magazines, and newspapers of repute. His recent case study has been published with Ivey Publication. He is consulted by many organisations in the area of Strategic Marketing and Retail Strategies. He can be reached at [email protected]

Dr. Kavita Laghate, M.Sc., Ph.D. from Nagpur University is working as Professor and Director at JBIMS, University of Mumbai. She has more than 26 years of experience in teaching and research. Her teaching interest are in the area of Statistics, Operations Research and Research Methodology. She is also an approved Ph.D. guide of University of Mumbai in the area of Management Studies. She can be reached at [email protected]

Book Reviews

Case study reading, teaching and crafting is an important tool for academicians, students and industry to upgrade their capabilities. Good collection of case studies gives an amazing view of various industries as well the process of value creation capture and sustenance. This book will be a good choice for business schools students, academicians and industry professionals.

– Dr. Prashant Salwan, Professor at IIM Indore

The case method is a proven model of managerial learning and heartening to see so much interest in developing Indian case studies which is much needed if we have to build the next generation of Indian managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

– Srinivasa Addepalli, CEO, Global Gyan Academy

This book offers a detailed, uncomplicated and accessible coverage of the main issues in case studies. It is recommended to business school students, academicians and industry professionals as a personal copy and a library text.

– Dr. R.K. Srivastava, Professor, SIMSREE, Mumbai

A nice collection of relevant, expert guided case studies which could be referred many a times in the daily business situations.

– Dr. Ranjan Chaudhuri, Professor, NITIE, Mumbai

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