Hand Book on Personal Wealth Management Post Pandemic

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Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

This book is a Hand Book on Personal Wealth Management. It has been written especially as to how to deal with Wealth Management post pandemic due to various challenges and constraints it has posed in our daily life. It is user-friendly, simple to read and understand and covers basically all areas of investment world. This book is intended to assist with your personal wealth management with a mission to educate you that wealth management has to and can be done by yourself instead of seeking professional assistance, irrespective of your profession or vocation. It is useful to all citizens of the country especially senior citizens who might want to preserve the wealth they have earned.

In this book, you will discover and learn:

- Self-learning and practicing Personal Wealth Management is need of the hour.
- What is the investment world and how to reach them from risk point of view?
- Dos and don'ts while looking for investments to be made as per your profile, needs, goals and objectives.
- A special chapter devoted for senior citizens who are facing the agony of the pandemic more than anybody in this world.

Please remember that Personal Wealth Management is a valuable tool available to you. Do it with passion, dedication, sincerity and make it worthwhile without having to reach out for help for every small thing. The satisfaction of successfully managing your wealth yourself is immeasurable.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Personal Wealth Management – What It is and Why It is Important Now?
3. Profile – First Understand Then Go Ahead
4. Know about Assets – Asset Class and Asset Allocation
5. Present Investment Products in the Market
6. Insurance
7. Least Risky Investment Products
8. Semi-risky Investment Products
9. Risky Investment Products
10. Ultra-risky Investment Products
11. Further Knowledge Topics Worth Knowing
12. Words of Wisdom to Senior Citizens
13. Final Sermon – PWM – Its Mission and Vision

About The Author

Dr. CA M. Ganeshan - He is a Chartered Accountant with decades of experience in India and abroad in the profession. He retired at the age of 55 after a successful career in senior positions within the Auditing and Corporate world in the Middle East. Post retirement, he did his doctorate at the age of 63 years on the topic of Rent seeking which is an uncommon and yet a path-breaking subject. It has been published as a reference book for universities.

From the beginning of his career, he has been an effective trainer in many personality development and soft skills subjects and is a respected public speaker. He was also a Professor in many management institutes and in Pune University. He has addressed many platforms and contributed research papers in many research-oriented conferences, won several times the best research paper award. He won numerous accolades in India and abroad. He continues to pursue his interests and hobbies such as writing poems, travelogues and letters to the editors and has written many books and contributes articles in print media.

He has widely travelled all over the globe. He likes social services and aims to be heavily engaged in serving humanity in the twilight of his life.

Book Reviews

First, I congratulate you to be an author of "Hand Book on Personal Wealth Management-Post Pandemic" published by Himalaya Publishing House in Corona Pandemic of 2021. This book will be of immense use to a common man from a middle class or higher middle class family, who do not have full knowledge of risk and return appetite.

I have witnessed inaugural function of your earlier publication "Personal Wealth Management- A Complete Guide" in 2012 and understood your passion for this favorite subject to take it ahead especially at the backdrop of Corona Pandemic.

I appreciate your sincere efforts to bring out this publication by making an effective use of your valuable Corona Pandemic time for the benefit of a lay man. It was a universal saying that “If Wealth is lost; nothing is lost, If Health is lost; something is lost and If Character is lost; everything is lost.” However Corona Mahamari proved that Health and Wealth are also equally important even for survival. Corona has not only taken the valuable lives of many human beings, but dwindled with Clutches of Health Issues, Management of Wealth and Economic Challenges and Sustaining self-confidence for future survival. Corona has adversely affected life of everybody viz. Poor > Rich, Trader > Manufacturer > Service Provider, Children > Elders, Rural > Urban and Australia > America. It is a mystery of life but a reality. During this scenario, your words of wisdom through a book will act like a vaccine dose booster to keep the confidence for future survival with strategy and at least start savings now to fight against future contingencies. I always say that our generation moto was “Earn now, Spend later”, Today's young generation moto based on western thinking is “Spend now, Earn later” (Live with EMIs). Thanks to a rich Indian tradition for a care and love towards a family and not only an individual. I am sure that Indians survival during this Pandemic is better than a Western world.

In spite of Pandemic situation, Sensex/Nifty figures has restored back substantially for a pre-covid figures and given a relaxation and relief to that class of investors. Similarly situation has also improved for Metal investors.

I finally summarize below the special features of your book for creating awareness and motivating the readers, I liked-
- Simple Language
- Lucid Presentation of Facts
- PWM Vision and Mission
- Tips for Senior Citizens and investment products they should look for
- Information on Asset Class and Asset Allocation
- Investment Opportunity and available products in the Market
- Investment Product features and classification of products risk wise viz. Ultra Risky, Risky, Semi Risky, Least Risky
- Remedial Insurance Coverage to reduce a contingency
- Innovating Banking Products
- Information on Income tax Reliefs
- Necessity of Will and sincere advise “Never gift hard earned asset during your life time and offer a miserable life ahead"
- Understand Wealth Management and then only act upon.

Your book will be of immense help for developing financial and investment literacy and aim for targeted goal of "Minimum Risk and Maximum Return".

I wish you Healthy and Wealthy Life.

Yours's Sincere Friend,
CA. (Dr.) S B Zaware

"Thank you Mr. Ganeshan. 🙏
I made a rapid reading of your book.
Good topics, practical thinking and advice.
Helpful suggestions to all age groups.
Gifted to my brother and nephew. Both are CA and dealing in equities and shares."
Dr. Bipin Deshpande

"I find that you have dedicated this to senior citizens. I am sure people of all ages will be benefitted by your treatment of the subject which is entirely due to your vast knowledge and experience you have gained in your life.

The book covers all important aspects of wealth management especially after pandemic, giving suitable advice as to what should be done and what should be avoided for financial safety.

It brings awareness to those who are not conversant with financial matters.

I liked your study of risky/semi risky investment products. Made me brush-up my little knowledge on the subject. The chapter on wills is thoughtful and helpful for people who have a wavering mind about the subject.

I feel that seniors may find this book a little basic in its approach especially since most of them would have come across the subject during their active lifetime. But this makes us bring back/brush up our knowledge which has slowly gone out of our minds as we age.

I feel that this book will make a decent entrance into school or college education syllabus.

I enjoyed reading all the “quotes” in the book.

With best wishes and regards"
K.V.Ramani, Chennai

It is easy to understand and quite comprehensive. Starting with what is personal wealth management, why it is important and describing about assets movable and immovable and what are the investments products which are available in the market. In the book he has described about the risks involved from least to moderate and ultra risky. This is especially important for senior citizens and general public who are not much familiar with the various investment products and the risks. In the news we often read public loosing their well-earned money in chit funds and other alluring schemes.

He has nicely advised about the need and importance of writing will. He has also talked about How to do personal financial planning. The book is a pleasure to read and is sure to help people in their personal wealth management.

Raj Kumar Dham BE, MD(AM), DIISc.
Author of the book "Create Your Own Future Through Body Mind Programming".

"Dear Dr.CA. Ganeshan,

Your recent Book on "Handbook on Personal Wealth management" is a simple, easy book to read and understand and personally consider as a boon to all senior Citizens. Its really true as the book states in the beginning itself "that you don't take care of your money your money wont take care of you".

You have covered all topics explaining about personal wealth Management &various assets and investment products. Your book also explains clearly about the various level of risks involved in investments. The book covers & explains all different types of Insurances that may be required at different stages of our life.

The Risk Matrix of Investment Products is very informative.

The book is a must for all the senior Citizens and it's a good guide to protect their wealth and depicts the importance of writing a Will & lead a peaceful life.

Thank you brother for writing such an informative wonderful book and eagerly waiting for many more such books in future from you.

Best Regards,
K S Padmanabhan
General Manager
Elegant Shipping Co. Chennai"

I had the opportunity to read your book, written with lot of sincere efforts and hard work sir.

As a homemaker, I have very little knowledge about wealth management as my husband takes care of it. But I was keen to get an idea on many things related to it like investment, filing of income tax, writing the will, various investment options etc. I used to feel shy to ask someone on these things. So it's a God given opportunity that I got to read your book where everything is so clearly explained in a simple but effective way.

The short summary given after the chapters is extremely useful in consolidating the ideas in our mind. Quotations are very apt. In fact I have sent a copy to my friend who's an accounts teacher who appreciated it too.

My sincere thanks and congratulations to you for writing such a useful book which deals with post covid financial scenario.

My best wishes to come up with more such books.
Gnana Sundari

"Handbook on Personal Wealth Management post pandemic" by Dr CA M. Ganeshan is an outstanding publication by a prolific writer. I have known Ganeshan sir for many years now. He has been an excellent mentor and guide to me. And I must admit, I have never come across such an expressive writer as Ganeshan sir. His ability to convey his point across completely, along with being simple and clear at the same time, is exemplary. And this quality has translated beautifully in his latest work. A complex and important subject like Personal Wealth Management, which gives sleepless nights to many, has been covered completely and also simplified by him so well. The book examines all the products available for investment in India, starting from the risk free to the riskiest, while stating their pros and cons and also "points to consider" before investing. This book will give an A to Z idea about investments to a novice investor and will act a refresher to seasoned investors. The most remarkable part of this book, is that sir has covered all aspects in great detail. Firstly, he has emphasized on the importance of understanding one’s own 'Personal Profile'. This is a key aspect of personal wealth management and readers will surely understand that contrary to perception, investment is highly subjective and it cannot ever be "one method fits all". He has shown that different investments will require different perspectives and one should don different thinking caps to actually invest in different products. I congratulate Ganeshan sir for his outstanding contribution to society. He has given us a book which will help readers immensely, as they will understand most of the investment basics in one concise handbook."


Respected Ganeshan Sir,
First of all let me congratulate you for your fruitful efforts and for this wonderful book.
- Hand book on personal wealth Management Post Pandemic is an eye opener for the person like me who never gave a serious thought of giving importance for managing personal wealth. To be very frank hardly few ladies must be doing it on there own, mostly we rely on someone / family member to do it for us. Because of this book I have realised the value of it.
Sir, your aim of providing useful, valuable information, at the same time creating awareness is worth appreciating.
As illustrated in the book, the after effects of the pandemic are threatening & pushes every individual to introspect and act wisely.
6S are very relevant, meaningful and inspirational.
You have highlighted on having financial goals, to be aware of personality traits, and to do SWOT analysis..very prominent factors for self development and proper investment.
I knew about different types of assets but learnt much more about Asset class and Asset allocation. Tips regarding do's and don't to be considered while any investment are very informative. Readers will get a good knowledge about risk factors involved in different investments and the ways to manage the same, info of advantages and disadvantages regarding Mutual Funds, and dividends received are too good. Thanks for the valuable guidance given about SIP's , SWP's, and financial planning.
Sir, thanks for plotting all points systematically and making it user friendly.
Finally, I would like to thank your son, Mr. Anand for initiating an excellent idea of the handbook , making to write the same and taking responsibility till final product.
All the best.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my thoughts about your book.
Warm Regards
Mrs. Jyoti Bodhe
HM, DES Secondary School, Pune

It gives me immense happiness to pen my thoughts for the humblest person I have ever met, yet he is the most expressive writer, Shri Dr. CA. M. Ganeshan. Readers stand to gain much from a book that not only explains how to manage one's finance, but also tells you how to make professional financial plan in today's post pandemic situation. In this regard, Dr. CA M. Ganeshan's "HANDBOOK ON PERSONAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT POST PANDEMIC" is useful contribution. The author explained the subject in detail using Indian examples, which makes it easy even for novices. The book, containing 13 chapters and 164 pages long, discusses every aspect of wealth management. All the tools of wealth management are nicely organised and presented by the author.
In the starting chapters, author tackles the questions about the need for Personal wealth management. The chapters go on to explain the rational for a personal wealth management plan and more importantly, how to go about building one.
The middle chapters talk about tools of wealth management- which gives details of Investment products in the present market, how insurance can be a good tool of wealth management? & detailed explanation of Least, semi, medium, high, or ultra-risky investment products with examples. The second last chapter take up the issue of retirement planning.
Essentially, Mr. Ganeshan does an excellent job of converting typical Consultants rich material into a book that can be enjoyed and understood by all. While beginners stand to gain the most from it, experts gain deeper insights from this book.
CA. Vinay Gudi

My heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Ganeshan on writing this second book that has further enriched my knowledge in Personal Wealth Management. The book titled – Hand Book On Personal Wealth Management Post Pandemic is a much deserved continuation to the first book Personal Wealth Management – A Complete Guide published in 2012. PWM is now a much more important subject than ever especially since the global Covid pandemic has turned our lives upside down and challenged us to adopt a new way of living. People have understood the importance of health and more importantly managing and growing wealth in these tough times. Eventually how the pandemic subsides is a question that would get answered with time but this book does answer some important questions on PWM and its importance in the post Covid world. It is like a map and is written in a very simple, clear and logical way that any common person would understand. Dr. Ganeshan addresses the important topic of PWM and why it is important to adhere to the 6S that can be attributed to success in life – Self-motivation, Self-knowledge, Self-awareness, Self-reliant, Self-introspection and Self-appreciation.
There are important guidelines on profiling that act as a starting step in PWM followed by various asset classes and strategy for asset allocation. There is a chapter on present investment products in the market and also investment products as per risk profiles(Least > Semi-Risky > Risky > Ultra-Risky). The information presented is precise yet thought provoking for the reader to explore more. A complete chapter is dedicated to golden words of wisdom for Senior Citizens who might be overwhelmed with the kind of investment opportunities available to them. There are important yet neglected topics like the necessity of WILL along with do's and don'ts for it. Dr. Ganeshan's style of writing is simple and impactful and the golden words of wisdom stand to benefit every reader who can act on the learning’s given and apply them in everyday life. Action and only progressive action will make the journey of Personal Wealth Management fruitful. Thank you once again to Dr. Ganeshan for sharing one of the early copies of this book. I hope each and every reader can fulfill their financial goals through the valuable pearls of knowledge and wisdom in this book.
Best Regards,
Sachin Kadam

The wise saga once said, "outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Canine considerations aside, it goes without saying that book on money matters can be a investors particularly good pat. The Author, my friend Dr. Ganeshan talks on asset allocation, Investing, Asset protection, Entrepreneurship and Economics.
The book is a comprehensive guide to professional wealth management in such testing times where all businesses are facing a financial setback. The book encompasses various important aspects right from present investment products. The author in his book has given a very insightful look on investments.
This edition would be useful to students, professional and practitioners who are willing to pursue their career in wealth.
This book also takes a different approach from other investing books, although its' not without positive encouragement.
It would not tell you how to make millions but rather how not to lose your shirt. The author imparts must read basis to get you started in investing and keep you going for a long time from recommended strategies.
I wish Dr. Ganeshan, the very best for this book and all the further books that are going to come in.
Thank you

"I have read through the contents of your book in minute detail. In summary when I went through the book found that, this is a very useful handbook. Even though personally I cannot relate to any of the content as our wealth management strategy is different and being abroad means I cannot relate to many of the options and things you talk about. But I still feel it is holistic in its scope, it touches upon everything relevant without getting too much into the detail which may confuse, and it provides and acts as a handbook that people can use to get some answers and raise more questions! So, this is not the bible, but only a handbook which should allow them to do their own research, reviews, introspection, retrospection and come up with the ideal strategy that will help them manage their wealth."

"Handbook on Personal Wealth Management post pandemic" by Dr CA M. Ganeshan is a very comprehensive book on how this pandemic has changed the scenario of the country and each one's life. The author has very well explained along with dates the phases of lockdown and impact of the same. The position of the economy then now and in future. Overall a very nice book.
I also enjoyed the quotes which you have written in the books.
Thank you for coming up with such a good book.
Lots of good wishes."
This review is from Ms.Sonika Maniyar, a chartered accountant of Pune.

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