Demystifying Mind and Inner Journey

ISBN Number : 978-93-5433-541-9

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 172

About The Book

The book took birth out of personal work and experience of inner life. It explores life with its challenges, role of mind in whatever we make of life and then the paths to happiness and a perfect life. Life cannot be without challenges. But if one decides to handle the challenge, many ways come out. Stressing out and running away is never a solution. Only thing it points to is whatever we want to do, the road is always inside. Our life is the reflection of our inner reality. If one manages the inner life in its true sense, the outer life becomes a great experience. This book explores human mind in an insightful and a complete new way. The entire time mind is considered as the blockage on the path of inner life but blockages are the ways. It makes this book a handy reference to use daily for getting the proper understanding and managing life. Here, I took every major problem that bothers the seekers of inner life and dealt with it through the perspective I got during meditation hours. The new ways to understand mind and life makes this book an interesting read. Human life is always perfect, but mind starts gathering everything that comes to its way. Mind is everything that a person has lived. It makes the life the way it has made and life as seen everywhere is not looking as the best example. If one understands the mind and its ways, he can change the making of mind. Everyone has that power and opportunity to make the life a beautiful experience. This book gives ways to understand mind and life. The understanding of mind leads to success in experiencing inner life or truth of human life which consequently makes the outer life a great success. A person, who knows the ways within, knows the ways outside. The way humans are created is the way universe is created, and if one knows his own creation in experience, it leads to his understanding of human life. This is the only way humanity had to make this world a beautiful place. This book is a new approach to human mind. It deals traditionally also, but explores the eternal side of mind since the evolution of human. Traditional concepts only try to explain a single mind, but here it is shown how mind is eternally present and it is all-inclusive. Personal traits are there, but they are shown in a complete ways as they are too all-inclusive. So, this book is an interesting read for anyone who wants to see the human life in new ways.


Contents -

1. Living with Mind
2. What is Mind?
3. Conscious, Sub-conscious and Unconscious Mind
4. No Mind or Whole Mind - What is the Solution?
5. Meditation - The Path or the Illusion?
6. To Unleash the Mind
7. Miracles and The Ultimate Miracle

About The Author

Pravin Suresh Mutange is working as a teacher in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) since 2008. JNV is a residential institution run by an autonomous body "Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti" of Central Government. He is working closely with students and helping them not only to get through academics but for their all-round development. This provided him with beautiful and fresh minds to study, understand and to help them. In last ten years, he studied thousands of children and this book took birth. His interest in studying life as it is and to find the best possible ways to make life a great experience keeps him going. Beyond all concepts and theories, his writing has personal experience as life in its true form. He is a student of life and this way life exploded before him in a complete different form. He see things that are core to life in a complete and different ways. It adds to simple and authentic ways to understand life in an altogether new way. His personal understanding and experience of human mind, and its work added to a new understanding of human mind in a complete new way. He works for personal effectiveness and his meditations, in hours together, gave him deep insight into life and human mind. This book is the effort to bring the same experience before the world to share this new approach and understanding of human mind and provided him with tools to improve life as a whole.

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