The Making of Modern China

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Book Edition : Fifth

Year of Publication : 2006

No. Of Pages : 460

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About The Book

No country in the world, especially, India can afford to be ignorant of the happenings in China today. This book tells how China from a medieval underdeveloped nation in 1850 has risen to be a world leader by 2000 A.D. If the USA, the super power is apprehensive about any nation, it is China. China's economy has grown so large that it is poised to overtake other leading economies and can in course of time, challenge the US economy, the largest in the world today. The book tells the absorbing story of how China has risen miraculously to this world status in a matter of a little over five decades. Those interested in knowing about the rise of modern China cannot afford to miss it.


Contents -

1. Understanding China
2. Land, People and Resources
3. The Chinese Society in 19th Century
4. Coming of the European Traders, Wars and Treaties
5. Chinese Response to the Impact of the West
6. Nationalism and Revolution
7. China Under The Guomindang Party
8. The Rise and Growth of the Communist Party of China
9. The Struggle for Supremacy
10. China Under Mao Era - I
11. China During Mao Era - II
12. An Era of Deng Xiaoping
13. China Since 1989
14. Foreign Policy
15. Post Script
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About The Author

Dr. M.D. David, former Professor and Head, Department of History, University of Mumbai, obtained his Masters, Law and Doctoral degrees from Mumbai University after an impressive academic career. He was an Emeritus Fellow of the University Grants Commission and at present is an adjunct faculty of the University department of history. He has to his credit more than 26 books and 60 research articles. While reviewing his book History of Bombay, published by the University of Mumbai, The Times of India wrote: "It is a systematic study and so comprehensive in its treatment as to be encyclopedic". His book "Mumbai: The City of Dreams", translated and published in Marathi under the title "Aik Mumbai Tuzi Kahani", was considered a best seller.

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