Practical Costing : (Self-Tutor)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2008

No. Of Pages : 958

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About The Book

This book is divided into fifteen chapter. It explains the various problem solving techniques and methods in a precise and lucid manner. It is presented in a user-friendly format and is essentially meant to serve as a self-tutor. The special features of this book are as follows:

- The formulae are given in the beginning of the book for ready reference.
- More than 700 problems are included to suit the requirements of various categories of users.
- The problems are graded according to difficulty level.
- Typical points of the solved problems are identified in the beginning of each problem for easy reference and quick revision.
- Uniformity in solving the problems has been adopted to avoid confusion.
- Comprehensive working notes are a part of each solution for easy and proper understanding.
- Tutorial notes are given to explain additional points.
- Latest problems of B.Com., B.Com. Hons., B.B.A., M.Com., M.B.A., I.C.W.A., C.S. and other professional examinations are included to help the students in assessing the rend of examination.
- Solved problems of C.A., C.S., and I.C.W.A. of last 12 years are included to enable the students to prepare thoroughly for these professional courses.


Contents -

1. Basic Concepts : Units of Cost and Method of Costing
2. Material Cost and Control
3. Labour Cost and Control
4. Overheads
5. Unit (or Output) Costing [Cost Sheet]
6. Job, Batch and Contract Costing
7. Service Costing / Operation Costing
8. Process Costing
9. Joint Products and By-Products
10. Marginal Costing and Break-Even Analysis
11. Short-Term Decision-Marking
12. Budgeting and Budgetary Control
13. Standard Costing
14. Cost Control and Integrated Accounts
15. Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts

About The Author

Dr. Gauri Shankar, a Senior Reader in Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi, has experience of more than three decades in teaching Cost Accounting and Management Accounting to the students of graduate, post-graduate and professional courses.

Dr. Gauri Shankar has a brilliant academic record. After securing first position in the Master`s degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi in 1971, he started his career as a lecturer with shri Ram college of commerce, Delhi, his alma mater, that year. He earned his doctoral degree in Human Resource Development from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He was appointed as an expert to serve Sherubtse College, Bhutan under the technical co-operation scheme of Colombo Plan for a period of two years from September, 1988 to August, 1990. He is associated as a visiting faculty member with several business schools and professional institutions.

He has to his credit over three dozen articles and research publications which have appeared in leading periodicals. In addition to several text-books, he has authored a research level book entitled `Managerial Motivation and Job-Performarce`. In recognition of his significant contribution to professional management, he has been admitted as Life Member of All India Management Association and as a Life Professional Member of Delhi Management Association. He is also a Life Member of Psycho-Educational Society, New Delhi. Besides teaching work, he is, presently pursuing research on Marginal Costing, an important Cost Accounting tool in short-term decision-making and is the editor of `Business Analyst`, a leading research journal.

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